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Synonyms for fury

Synonyms for fury

violent or unrestrained anger

exceptionally great concentration, power, or force, especially in activity

a person, traditionally a woman, who persistently nags or criticizes

Synonyms for fury

a feeling of intense anger

(classical mythology) the hideous snake-haired monsters (usually three in number) who pursued unpunished criminals

References in classic literature ?
At last his Sail-broad Vannes He spreads for flight, and in the surging smoak Uplifted spurns the ground, thence many a League As in a cloudy Chair ascending rides Audacious, but that seat soon failing, meets A vast vacuitie: all unawares Fluttring his pennons vain plumb down he drops Ten thousand fadom deep, and to this hour Down had been falling, had not by ill chance The strong rebuff of som tumultuous cloud Instinct with Fire and Nitre hurried him As many miles aloft: that furie stay'd, Quencht in a Boggie SYRTIS, neither Sea, Nor good dry Land: nigh founderd on he fares, Treading the crude consistence, half on foot, Half flying; behoves him now both Oare and Saile.
I felt ready to smile bitterly at its enchanting charm and glare viciously at its furies.
Let that be left unto the Anabaptists, and other furies.
In Flaxman's drawing of the Eumenides of Aeschylus, Orestes supplicates Apollo, whilst the Furies sleep on the threshold.
And the gloves just would come off, so that they were ripping and tearing at each other, biting as well as making the fur fly, like furies, when the curtain went down.