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divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork

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They are more difficult to treat especially when the furcation is involved.
Although there is no consistent pattern to the development of advanced periodontal bone loss, an individual must develop significant posterior attachment loss to acquire dental furcations.
The evaluation for the presence of dental root furcations was made only on the maxillary second bicuspid, first and second molars, and the mandibular first and second molars in the same randomly selected quadrants.
20 Patients with Millers Class I or Class II furcation defects were selected and divided into test and control groups in which test group alone was treated with collagen membrane to cover the exposed root surface.
This curette is designed with much longer cutting edges r and a closed-face blade for fine finishing with minimal tissue distention, allowing efficient access to root concavities, base of the pocket and furcations of periodontally involved teeth with better adaptation.
I'm seeing 40-year-olds with vertical defects and furcations and other systemic issues that make it difficult for the dentist and the dental hygienist in general practice to manage," he continued.
Micro Mini Five[TM] Area-specific Increased shank strength Gracey Curettes designs and rigidity for Modified Gracey powerfully effective Curettes strokes with less effort and fatigue for clinician Blade length 50% shorter than standard or After-Five Gracey curettes Blade width 20% thinner than Mini-Five Gracey curettes for accessing furcations and root depressions (concavities) Elongated terminal and functional shanks allow increased reach and access into deep pockets Langer Curettes: After Universal Curette Designed for Five Langer 3/4 designs that are instrumentation in deeper Modified Gracey site-enhanced periodontal pockets.
Carroll explained that her pioneering treatment, RPE, is a very specific protocol and technique, combining the use of enzyme inhibitors, endoscope-aided piezoelectric root instrumentation to expose connective tissue and remove root accretions microscopically, a diode soft-tissue laser to help remove granulomatous tissue in deep furcations and other deep bony defects and amelogenin protein (Emdogain) application to promote regeneration of bone.
5) Dental hygienists can occasionally review root morphology to refresh their knowledge of all of the developmental grooves, the heights of contour, developmental depressions, the location of the cementoenamel junction line of contour and the general anatomy of the furcations.
Hard-to-reach areas such as furcations and complex root anatomy may be accessed and smoothed with diamond-coated instruments and circular debridement curets.
The new DiamondTec Files are extraordinary for root smoothing, especially with the Nabors probe design, which provides perfect adaptation to furcations.
Furcations represent bone loss between the roots of multi-rooted teeth.
With this diagnostic procedure, we determine the presence or absence of disease, periodontal pockets, bleeding, suppuration, recession, mobility and furcations.
The Y-ME Curette features a distinctive anterior curette design with precise modifications to increase access and reach, perfect for challenging debridement needs of anterior teeth, furcations, line angles and pedodontic dentition.
Participant will be able to define the four classes of furcation.