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the place where something divides into branches

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Periodontal regeneration in class III furcation defects of beagle dogs using guided tissue regenerative therapy with platelet-derived growth factor.
When identifying patients at high risk, Clem noted, oral health professionals need to review not only tooth-related risks such as bleeding upon probing, pocket depth, bone loss, vertical defects around teeth or furcation defects around teeth, but also "patient-related risk factors such as the age of onset of the disease," he said.
20 Patients with Millers Class I or Class II furcation defects were selected and divided into test and control groups in which test group alone was treated with collagen membrane to cover the exposed root surface.
Among non-resorbable barriers human studies using ePTFE membrane for the treatment of furcation defects have reported significant and predictable gains in new attachment (15,16).