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the place where something divides into branches

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The interproximal bone levels were within normal limits and the buccal furcation was intact despite the missing buccal plate.
The patient had periodontitis gravis characterized by a horizontal loss of supporting tissue by more than 1/3rd of root length with bleeding on probing, furcation involvements of the multi-rooted teeth and/or angular bony defects.
In these alternatives, the time-consuming steps of installation, such as cable sheath removal, cable furcation, connector installation and hardware assembly, are completed in the factory.
Diseased and at-risk teeth are described as those with caries extending into the pulp chamber, those with periapical lesions, periodontal pockets over 4-5 mm, furcation involvements of Grade 2 and mobility of Grade 2 or more.
Furthermore, after additional modeling, we found a smoking and dental furcation interaction (p = 0.
As a result, the cable can be deployed within the cable raceway and management system once exiting the pathway without the need for additional costly furcation tubing.
Not one of us leaves calculus behind on purpose, so to be able to meticulously debride the roots in the furcations and 'visualize' root abnormalities (like resorption, fractures, perforations, furcation involvement) is extraordinary.
When used in clinical trials on beagles, PDGF-modulated guided tissue regeneration, or GTR, therapy was shown to effectively aid in the regeneration of periodontal furcation defects.
The edgeDMS Perio chart quickly captures pocket & recession depths, tooth mobility, and furcation values with a few taps.
They are more difficult to treat especially when the furcation is involved.
The fibers are broken out from the tube at interconnection boxes, and a furcation or breakout unit may be used to build up the fiber, providing additional protection and strength so a connector can be attached for routing or connection to the end device.