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the place where something divides into branches

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Periodontal parameters were calculated using the community periodontal index need bleeding on probing tooth mobility and furcation involvement.
17) However, with respect to a functional PTP for the general dental practice, only the following principal diagnostic criteria can be addressed: age, PD, CAL, BOP, tooth mobility, furcation involvement, and percentage of radiographic bone loss.
Several studies in the past have reported the use of materials like amalgam, polymeric reinforced zinc oxide eugenol, glass ionomer and resin ionomer restorative materials to treat advanced furcation invasions [10, 11, and 12].
Grade I indicates a short but distinct change in the contour of the CEJ extending toward the furcation, Grade II designates when the CEP approaches the furcation without making contact with it, and Grade III denotes that the CEP extends into the furcation.
In the process of searching for canal orifices, perforations of the crown can occur either peripherally through the sides of the crown, or through the floor of the chamber into the furcation [9].
Sealing ability of one up bond and MTA with and without a secondary seal as furcation perforation repair materials.
Evaluation of setting properties and retention characteristics of mineral trioxide aggregate when used as a furcation perforation repair material.
Periodontal attachment loss around multi-rooted teeth has been shown to lead to progressive exposure of the furcation area.
The measurements of the upper first molars buccal alveolar bone thickness (BABT) and palatal alveolar bone thickness (PABT) were made from the furcation of the teeth to outer corner of the bone in the coronal sections in which mesiobuccal and palatal roots were both seen (Figure 6).
Comparative study of ultrasonic instrumentation for the non-surgical treatment of interproximal and non-interproximal furcation involvements.
Although MTA has been used to treat furcation or lateral perforation defects,4 there are limited data about its use in non-surgical treatment of external resorptive defects in the middle third of the root.
3,4) Considering its aforementioned properties, ABBM has been successfully used in regenerative treatment of intra-bony and furcation defects.
7A and 8): Radius 3-6 branched, 2-4 r-m crossveins, Media with MP1 multibranched (from 2 to 5), MP2 and MP3 unibranched, MP4 2-branched, a postnodal line built from 3-6 im crossveins; 1 m-cua crossvein, CuA (except short furcation in B.
The post-op radiograph shows infill of bone distally and in the furcation.
The data collected included periodontal attachment loss, probing depth, and furcation involvement in 2 randomly selected quadrants per person.