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Synonyms for forked

Synonyms for forked

having two meanings with intent to deceive


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After stealing just six bases in the first five months of the year, Furcal - who once stole 46 bases with the Atlanta Braves - swiped six in September and the first week of October.
As a result, instead of Ethier batting with the bases empty and one out, he was standing on first base with a walk, Furcal was at second and Cox was thrown out of the game for vehemently arguing the call.
But Furcal came through, and Ethier's swagger is back.
Judging by the aforementioned double play turned on a practice field one morning, Furcal and Hudson come by those instincts naturally.
Furcal has a specifically prescribed core-strengthening program designed to keep his back healthy, and his new three-year, $30 million contract includes a provision that will pay him an additional $1 million each year if he adheres to that program.
The question for Furcal, who will have a disc in his back partially removed, is how quickly he can recover, rehabilitate and return from the surgery.
Club officials were hoping to activate Furcal when the team begins its final homestand of the first half on Monday night against Atlanta.
Furcal seemed on the verge of beginning rehab on at least one previous occasion during that stretch, only to be told by a back specialist that he needed two more weeks of rest.
I don't feel it when I swing or take ground balls," Furcal said.
Torre acknowledged shortstop Rafael Furcal probably won't return before the All-Star break.
SAN DIEGO -- Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal, who had seemed to be only days away from coming off the 15-day disabled list and returning to a Dodgers' lineup that seems to have lost its way without him, has been told he won't be ready to start a minor-league rehabilitation assignment for at least twomore weeks.
As Rafael Furcal approaches a return to the lineup there seems to be a difference of opinion about the best route to take.
There was the stretch when they won 10of 11, but that streak ended May 8, exactly two days after shortstop Rafael Furcal played his final game before being sidelined with a lower-back injury from which he still hasn't returned.
Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal probably will come off the 15-day disabled list in time for Friday night's game with St.