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  • verb

Synonyms for furbish

to give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction

Synonyms for furbish

polish and make shiny

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value of project to furbish interiors of Etihad Towers
That would be a truly unnatural act, of course--one no selfrespecting tree, furbish lousewort, or moose would consider.
Using the app, owners can "feed" their FURBY, and access both a FURBISH to English dictionary, and FURBISH to English translator.
The app includes a Furbish-to-English translator and Furbish dictionary, and enables users to feed their Furby various types of food.
Rich Feller, Counseling and Career Development, Colorado State University; Dale Furbish, School of Education, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.
She leaves two other daughters, Sharon Furbish, wife of, Gerald, of Boylston, Mass.
For kids who didn't get a Furby(TM) during the holiday season, there's another chance to make them mee-mee noo-loo (that's Furbish for "very happy.
The toy will speak to you in its very own language - Furbish - but can also learn to communicate in English.
Bob or "Sinc" as he was known by many is survived by his loving and devoted wife, Barbara; three daughters, Virginia Kipp, Marjorie Wray, Patricia Kanarr; sisters, Betty Putnam, Janet Annis, Clara Furbish, Phyllis Letendre, Marilyn Banks, Paula Fiske; brothers, Samuel, Horace Jr.
The Parent Teachers Association is working extremely hard to raise the necessary funds to furbish the hall with sports equipment and a sound and lighting system," said Mrs Winters.
I grabbed the Furbish dictionary and looked up u-tye and nah-bah and sure enough, it meant: 'Up, down, up, down, etc.
She was the sister of the late Dorothy Farnham and Clyde Furbish.
The friendly clam is more advanced than Furby and can speak more than 800 words and phrases in a mixture of English, Furbish and Shelbish.
She leaves her husband, Randall Pichierri; two sons, Jeffrey Hoyle of Worcester and David Furbish of Barre; two daughters, Kelsey Furbish and Adrianna Pichierri, both of Barre; her mother, Margaret Premo of Worcester; and two sisters, Arlene McGoldrick of Paxton and Judith Regan of Auburn.