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of animals having fur (especially of commercial quality)

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Actually, in those days we'd briefly thought about getting a communal cat; when we found that fur-bearing animals were banned we considered the possibility of adopting a child for a full three minutes).
Brush-tailed possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) from Tasmania were introduced into New Zealand to establish a new species of fur-bearing animals.
Is Keith Cochrane's impulse to slay fur-bearing mammals flaring up again?
I like David Kendall's comment that Ray might just as well have said that he had found insufficient evidence "from which a jury might infer beyond a reasonable doubt that the Clintons had pilfered Powerball tickets, trapped fur-bearing mammals out of season, or sold nuclear secrets to Liechtenstein.
For the wildlife enthusiast and nature buff, the game preserve is a utopia surrounded by boreal forests, large granite outcroppings and an abundance of indigenous wildlife species like moose, bear, muskrat, lynx, timber wolf and other fur-bearing animals.
In Crater Lake, where the water is too cold to freeze, the most predominant fish is said to be fur-bearing trout.
Prey species that live in the understory decline in numbers as a result, causing imperiled raptors, such as owls and hawks, and fur-bearing animals, such as beavers and otters, to starve and die off.
That move comes in response to the 1996 ballot initiative that banned shooting wolves and other fur-bearing animals the same day they are sighted from a plane.
At the end of the 1619 text Middleton adds ten lines of verse (lines 442-51) that enumerate the various fur-bearing animals that Skinners may use.
One careful and skillful trapper has my permission to take in any legal way and number the 12 kinds of fur-bearing animals he finds upon my land.
Such treatment, according to animal advocate groups, includes the intensive confinement and barbaric slaughter of ranch-raised animals, and the leghold trapping of wild fur-bearing creatures.
By knowing characteristics of those who harvest fur-bearing animals, managers can develop more effective information programs and establish appropriate regulations targeted at an identified user public, particularly where geographic influences exist.
com/reports/c25929 ) has announced the addition of Fur-Bearing Animal and Rabbit Production in the US to their offering
Europe's fur-bearing animals are kept caged throughout their life to be killed in secret away from public view and scrutiny.