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Pup growth of the New Zealand fur seal Arctocephalus forsteri on the Open Bay Islands, New Zealand.
VISITORS to a popular sealife centre will soon be able to see six new arrivals - three South African Fur Seals and three Harbour Seals.
The northern fur seal resource of the Pribilof Islands provides one of the earliest examples of successful management of an aquatic resource, especially in international management.
Fur seal numbers are increasing at a time when the food supply they share with sea lions -- fish and squid -- appears to be diminishing and sea lion numbers have mysteriously stalled.
Interactions of the South African fur seal and fisheries in the Benguela Ecosystem.
The longest chase took five hours, when one male fur seal successively attacked at least ten king penguins.
ALASKAN Michael Richard Zacharof has pleaded guilty to selling more than 100 fur seal "oosiks" or penises.
And the festive season came early to visitors at the park this month when Santa popped in to give a surprise visit to what will be one of the Christmas safari's biggest stars - Moocha the south African fur seal.
of Species sightings animals sightings animals Baleen whales Humpback whale 25 40 54 86 Gray whale 1 1 Minke whale 3 3 Unidentified whale 4 8 3 3 Odeontocetes Dall's porpoise 27 72 20 64 Harbor porpoise 4 10 11 20 Pacific white- sided dolphin 4 596 16 149 Northern right- whale dolphin Risso's dolphin 5 57 Killer whale 3 16 2 38 Unidentified delphinid 6 9 8 56 Pinnipeds and otters Harbor seal 2 2 3 3 Elephant seal 6 6 10 10 California sea lion Steller sea lion Northern fur seal 6 6 5 5 Sea otter Unidentified pinniped 4 4 3 3 Total sightings 94 772 141 495 1997 1998 No.
From the penguin to the fur seal and humpback whale, it is a haven for the world's best-loved animals and a hotbed of scientific research.
Supporting the diary here are essays on the fur seal trade with China
THIS two-week-old female Cape Fur seal pup is getting set for swimming lessons by zoo keepers at Combe Martin Wldlife Park.
The federally controlled fur seal industry dominated the island's economy from 1867 to 1983, when further harvests of the northern fur seal were banned.
He was bitten by what is thought to have been a fur seal at Salisbury Plain Beach.