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Synonyms for fur

Synonyms for fur

the skin of an animal

Synonyms for fur

dense coat of fine silky hairs on mammals (e

a garment made of the dressed hairy coat of a mammal

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In reply, I finally coughed up a fur ball on her pile of clean clothes, ran onto the balcony and made good my escape down the elaborate spiral ladder we'd built from our 3rd floor apartment.
Worst thing ever done for ``Date Movie'': Spitting up a fur ball composed of father-of-the-groom Bernie Fonckyerdoder's (Fred Willard) sweaty chest hair.
is a bird dog, and his nose tells him something is amiss even before the box bursts open and a brown fur ball zooms by him, leaking all over the place.
When someone at Bethesda sees a fur ball, they simply clean it up.
The frames series includes Attitude, Amoeba, Fur Ball, Kaleidoscope and Comet.
Ted 2 opens with John Bennett t (Mark Wahlberg) divorced from Lori (Mila Kunis) and fur ball companion Ted (voiced by T McFarlane) poised to walk down the aisle with a brassy checkout girl called Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth).
So just a little heads up for the start of the month, when a very big change of mind might not go down as easily as you thought - in fact, it sticks in someone's craw and they cough up some resistance like a fur ball on a long-haired cat.
4, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- For the many Americans whose vacations wouldn't be complete without their favorite fur ball, the annual AAA PetBook Photo Contest offers an opportunity to show off travel photos in a big way.
Instead of drawing the characters he actually got to play Ted, wearing a motion capture suit so his movements, as well as his voice, could be used for the foul-mouthed fur ball.
But the one that emerged fat and full of hell from the "winter of the frozen fur ball" was the fur ball himself--I was worn to a nub.
With Oregon suddenly a Democratic primary hot spot, presidential hopeful Barack Obama eats ice cream at Prince Pucklers, Chelsea Clinton shops at a Springfield Fred Meyer and Socks the Cat coughs up a fur ball while stumping for Hillary at PetSmart.
Remy the rat and his pal Linguini; Chefs bubble over as they aim to make mincemeat of Remy; One of Remy's chums hangs on to a snack; Having a fur ball.
To the uninitiated, cleavers are those long entwining sticky plants that grow in hedgerow bottoms and roadside verges, with little fur ball seeds that stick to clothing.
VALENCIA - Hamster races on ice, a July 4 standard, are returning to Valencia this summer - and among the crowd favorites is a fur ball named Chain.