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Synonyms for fun

Synonyms for fun

activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement

actions taken as a joke

to make jokes; behave playfully

Synonyms for fun

activities that are enjoyable or amusing

verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously)

violent and excited activity

References in classic literature ?
She was sick all the next day, and on Saturday went home, quite used up with her fortnight's fun and feeling that she had
I ain't going to be hustled round; so you 'd better let me alone, Fan," said Tom, drawing off with a threatening wag of the head, adding, in a different tone, "I only put the shells in for fun, Polly.
It was a merry supper, and the two elder boys added much to the fun by tormenting the rest with dark hints of some interesting event which was about to occur.
He sang funny songs to them and told funny stories, did conjuring tricks and got up theatricals, shared their fun and comforted their sorrows.
and it wouldn't be any fun if we weren't all in it.
I think it would be great fun," said Peter decidedly.
I daresay it would be real good fun, now that I come to think of it.
I want to enjoy the fun of transforming the rest of these people into ornaments.
Very soon, now, my fun will be over, and then for amusement I shall have nothing to do but admire my new ornaments.
repeated Nancy, indignantly, "I guess it'll be somethin' more than fun for that blessed child--when them two tries ter live tergether; and I guess she'll be a-needin' some rock ter fly to for refuge.
Which ain't fun, I'm tellin' you, when they stiffen up.
CITY: LIVERPOOL ONE is looking for five young people who love to have fun.
With National S'mores Day right around the corner on August 10, The Hershey Company is helping consumers celebrate with new S'mores recipes, exciting family crafts and tips on how to have "Some More" fun during the remaining days of summer with a family fun website - www.
CITY CENTRE: LIVERPOOL ONE is searching the city for five i young people who love to have a fun.
com - featuring exciting summertime family crafts, recipes and tips for having "Some More" (S'more) fun this summer, both indoors and out.