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a magazine devoted to comic strips

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With animated themes ranging from the funny papers Garfield to the Christian-oriented Noah's Web, the browsers also lock down the desktop, block email from senders not on a parent-approved buddy list and even talk to young users using a speech engine.
One of the most famous American sandwiches was originated in the funny papers by Dagwood Bumstead.
are famous, at least to those of us who follow the funny papers.
By the rime credits for Boyz in Tights roll over the "Popeye" solo from Paul Taylor's Funny Papers, it's clear that Stovall found not only answers to some prickly questions but commitment to a new craft.
Over the course of the last week they have shown themselves to be very ordinary mortals, but if you want to believe they are performing mighty and heroic deeds then read the funny papers.
A sequel of sorts to De Haven's novel of early comic-strip publishing, Funny Papers (1985), Derby Dugan's Depression Funnies follows narrator Al Bready as the comic-strip ghostwriter and prodigiously prolific pulp-fiction author negotiates a pair of low-level crises in his life in late 1930s New York.
Ariel Dorfman's How to Read Donald Duck notes that Donald's mythical South American retreat, dubbed "Hondorica" in the funny papers, shows the Hondurans as a happy, trusting bunch of children, easily hood, winked or placated.
He has traveled a long way, but the road to the funny papers isn't paved with smiles.
With readership of the comic at an all-time high - 2,300 newspapers that reach an estimated 280 million readers worldwide each day - the time seemed right for moving the skyscraper sandwiches out of the funny papers and onto a plate.
The whole thing started with Milton Caniff, the influential comic artist whose beloved "Terry and the Pirates'' and "Steve Canyon'' adventure strips lived in the nation's funny papers for a half-century.
And, although the word "cartoon" often is associated with comic books and the funny papers, most political cartoons are meant to be thought-provoking rather than humorous.
My grandchildren ages 8 and 9 were looking for the funny papers and came across the Sunday Viewpoint.
A PAUL TAYLOR bill, from the lyrical to the quirky, follows, with Arden Court, Funny Papers, and Company B (November 9-11, Gleason Theatre; November 16-18, Broward Center).
A pretty pillow case, the funny papers, a dish towel, an old map, a concert poster, a calendar leaf, a wall paper sample, a scarf, a cloth napkin, a table cloth
Like Funny Papers (1994), a collection of company choreography "amended and combined" by him, Kid