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a magazine devoted to comic strips

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We don't always have to put the funny paper titles in the lead.
based Home Aid Distributing Company (HADC), which hopes to recruit 100 to 200 homeless sellers and have a Funny Paper circulation of 50,000 to 100,000 by the end of the year.
Chapter two, aptly titled, "Too Stupid Even for the Funny Papers," examines how from early on in the Manhattan Project, President Roosevelt and others in the administration erroneously believed that America would have a monopoly on nuclear weapons.
Every day, its website brings a new story of bureaucratic ineptitude and waste--and as I said, the stories are better than the funny papers.
Marisol Norata, an office assistant from Casa Esperanza, a nonprofit youth center based in Panorama City, walked away with the grand prize - a $500 gift card - for her multi-tiered, pleated strapless dress fashioned from the funny papers.
It was not covered in the wrapping paper Morn kept in the guest room, but sheets of Sunday's funny papers.
But the funny papers can be serious business, and it's not an easy exercise to make two-dimensional characters come alive.
When even an intelligent man, who once showed us so skillfully what evil wrought on his own family, can't point to the real villains--well, these may be the funny papers, but it's no laughing matter for the future of our country.
Since I was a little kid, I used to read the funny papers with my grandfather," says Baker, who grew up in New York City.
With animated themes ranging from the funny papers Garfield to the Christian-oriented Noah's Web, the browsers also lock down the desktop, block email from senders not on a parent-approved buddy list and even talk to young users using a speech engine.
One of the most famous American sandwiches was originated in the funny papers by Dagwood Bumstead.
are famous, at least to those of us who follow the funny papers.
By the rime credits for Boyz in Tights roll over the "Popeye" solo from Paul Taylor's Funny Papers, it's clear that Stovall found not only answers to some prickly questions but commitment to a new craft.
At any rate, I'll still be seeing you in the funny papers.
Over the course of the last week they have shown themselves to be very ordinary mortals, but if you want to believe they are performing mighty and heroic deeds then read the funny papers.