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Soon anyone smiling on a football pitch will be hauled off, will not pass Go and will be sent to the funny farm.
Qurios has animated series in development, including something called Funny Farm by which the managing director is clearly hugely enthused.
I can only plead catastrophic ignorance, I didn't want her to feel in any way humiliated because in the Sixties if you saw a psychiatrist it meant you were ready for the funny farm.
The daughter of Jasper Carrott, Lucy has already made three films since moving to the US last June: The Funny Farm with Kathy Bates, Garfield 2 with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and The TV Set with David Duchovny.
When I'd tell them we were going to carry on, they'd look at me as if I was ready for the funny farm
I'm quite potty and one day I'm sure they will cart me off to the funny farm,' joked Lewis, the former managing director of the Silentnight bed company.
The first one was a funny farm cult school where we didn't do anything that was normal.
The climate for TV comedy has changed from the days of club-sized gigs, with Fred and the likes of Stu Who, Bruce Morton and Parrot on the Funny Farm.
If you''d have suggested that this club would be in the same division asWrexham even a few years ago you''d have been carted off to the funny farm.
Fred MacAulay Presents: Funny Farm 21, The Old Fruitmarket, GlasgowPart of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival.
Boylesports are betting on which TV show in Britain will be first to succumb to product placement and the X Factor is 6-4 favourite to be first to sign up with a company, which would put at risk their current deal with the local funny farm.
I can't call it the malign nature of inanimate objects because every person who hopes to steer clear of the funny farm knows the meaning of inanimacy.
The Hans Christian Andersen character meets silly hunters, a funny farm cat and Drumstick the turkey in the family stage show.
But I think if you did it in the office people might think you were a candidate for the funny farm.
Monday, November 6: Laugh Factory, Los Angeles Tuesday, November, 7: Improv, Dallas (Addison) Comedy Works, Denver Wednesday, November 8: Improv, Miami Comedy Connection, Providence Thursday, November 9: Improv, Tampa Monday, November 13: Comedy Underground, Seattle Improv, Pittsburgh Acme Comedy Company, Minneapolis Tuesday, November 14: Cap City Comedy Club, Austin Comix Cafe, Buffalo Comedy Caravan, Louisville Go Bananas, Cincinnati Zanies, Chicago Wednesday, November 15: Stardome Comedy Club, Birmingham Comedy Tennessee, Memphis Wiseguys, Salt Lake City Funnybone, Dayton Thursday, November 16: Improv, Phoenix (Tempe) Sunday, November 19 Funny Bone, Omaha Monday, November 20: Funny Farm, Atlanta Improv, Washington D.