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in a strange manner

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It introduced us to the characters they've both created and play who are, funnily enough, called Sharon and Rob.
SIR - Welsh Finance Minister Jane Hutt says we should spend our way out of recession, on the very same day Ed Miliband says that if he were Prime Minister he wouldn't reverse any of the cuts, he wouldn't scrap the bedroom tax, and he wouldn't borrow more, although funnily enough he's happy to borrow the PS100m to spend on Trident.
I find that, funnily enough, walking is a terribly important thing for me, rather like some people need a cigarette.
He said: "He was a very sick horse in Australia, but funnily enough travelled back well.
The model, who already stars with her sister Billie and boyfriend Joey Essex in the ITV reality show, said: "I really wanted my nan to be in the Marbella special because she lives in Marbella, but funnily enough my nan was in England while I was out there, so we crossed over.
Funnily enough some boffs in America have put some thought into how much it would actually cost to send your child to Hogwarts for the year, if said school really existed.
STAR Salman Khan, shot for a funnily titled song Dheela character for his film Ready in Bangkok.
I worked as a waitress in Brighton, funnily enough now I'm running a tea shop in the film, " she added.
Dave Moor, 58, from Coulby Newham, said: "I liked Watch With Mother and, funnily enough, I used to watch it with my mother.
The Aussie crooner begins a two-week stint as presenter the early evening entertainment show which - just like ThPaul O'Grady Show, funnily enough - features celebrity interviews, music and games.
Funnily enough, what I find more exciting than the prospect of one day having time to read books is having time to devour each issue of Bookmarks within a day or two of its arrival in my mailbox.
As did, funnily enough, Jamie's programme, which was subtitled, simply, 'Tomatoes'.
Just as Jerry Seinfeld voices that thing you weren't sure had a name, JJ speaks eloquently and funnily about parts of family life.
Funnily enough it is called "The Rock List" but it also lists, amidst the other indie rock stuff, Saxon Shore.
Funnily enough he's taken on one of our chefs as his head chef but I don't think he's involved in that.