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Synonyms for funny

Synonyms for funny

intended to excite laughter or amusement

agreeably curious, especially in an old-fashioned or unusual way


causing puzzlement; perplexing

words or actions intended to excite laughter or amusement

Synonyms for funny

an account of an amusing incident (usually with a punch line)

arousing or provoking laughter

beyond or deviating from the usual or expected

not as expected

experiencing odd bodily sensations

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References in classic literature ?
We said it was the funniest thing we had ever heard in all our lives.
And the funniest part of it is that many of the clever people, and all the would-be clever people, allow the idlers so to impose upon them.
Why, your friend, the Tin Woodman, has become the funniest thing you can imagine," replied the King, wiping the tears of merriment from his eyes.
True; but now the Nome King laughs at him, and calls him the funniest ornament in all the palace.
The men voted her "the funniest and jolliest ever," but the sniffs on the top step and the lower step were implacable.
like children' (the very words of the witnesses) were falling over one another, squealing, fighting and laughing with the funniest faces, and, chasing one another like children, they ran into the street.
The funniest star sign was Cancer which accounted for 13 per cent of winners in the study of 100 winners from the past decade.
Radio 1's new Breakfast Show host Chris Moyles, taking over from Sara Cox in January, received a further boost - being named funniest radio programme category winner.
The recall debate was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in politics in all my life.
A sample of footie fans were asked to vote on which teams' supporters had the best sense of humour, the best club anthems and the funniest songs.
James will choose the funniest joke himself and our winner will then go through to the national final, where kids will vote on jetix.
Post readers are invited to send in nominations for the funniest greeting card, funniest print advertisement, and the funniest magazine cover.
SCIENTISTS have revealed what many people thought they already knew - Only Fools And Horses is the funniest British sitcom of all time.
THE SEARCH is on for Britain's funniest grandchild.
25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- America's Funniest Home Videos, (AFV) having entertained generations of television viewers for 25 years, established itself as a social media juggernaut when the show's Facebook page recently reached a milestone 10 million subscribers.