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Synonyms for funnies

a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

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While the adventure and romance strips have done well enough over the years (recently spawning a glut of movie versions), the humorous and satirical comics--my personal favorites--have always been the most popular, and controversial, funnies.
Short argued that both the art-parables" appearing in the Sunday funnies and the gospel parables of Jesus often teach a powerful lesson by "sneaking up" on their audience.
Both the funnies and parables begin by enticing us with a wonderfully imaginative--even playful--tale or image, each in their own way introducing us to a world or story that seems seductively familiar, and thus enchanting.
The best of the funnies can teach us something important about being human by offering us a radically different frame of reference a prankish, funny perspective that pulls the rug out from under our most treasured assumptions and deflates our most sacred pretensions.
The art-parables of the funnies don't just sneak up on us because they're humorous but also because they look so unimportant.