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shaped in the form of a funnel

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Funnel-shaped tension rod sockets support easy and quick set-up of the testo 420.
As they develop, we often see funnel-shaped clouds extending from the base of the cloud and it is only when these funnel clouds touch the ground that we get a tornado.
Consider a funnel-shaped tube whose diameter decreases along its length, and has a fluid moving through it at a constant flow.
Boasting the highest tides in the world, 100billion tonnes of seawater flow in and out of the funnel-shaped bay twice a day.
The snails probably secrete the insulin as part of a preliminary barrage of venom components, called the nirvana cabal, that quiets fish enough for the snails to pull the prey into their elongated funnel-shaped mouths and inject more venom.
Waterspouts appear as a funnel-shaped cloud that occurs over a body of water.
Completed in the fall of 2013, the glass-and-steel pavilion features a pair of 53-foot-tall funnel-shaped, sculptural steel columns that support the structure.
A waterspout usually appears as a funnel-shaped cloud that occurs over a body of water, connected to a cumuliform cloud.
Sensoree's high-tech garments consist of a funnel-shaped LED collar in a range of colours, like green for "tranquil - Zen" and yellow for "nirvana - ecstatic, blissful".
The RS 6 Avant features adaptive air suspension (Sport), LED headlights with high-beam assist, Digital TV reception with DAB plus, quattro sports differential, RS sports exhaust, Head-up display (HUD), 21-inch alloy wheels in 5-twin-spoke design, Audi parking system plus with 360-degree camera, panoramic glass sunroof, RS front sports seats upholstered in Valcona leather and honeycomb stitching, luggage rail system and matt aluminium styling package including funnel-shaped lower air intake with quattro logo.
Meltham floor layer Stephen Wood says he saw a funnel-shaped cloud rotating over the Colne Valley last Wednesday.
bowdenii produce beautiful, pink funnel-shaped flowers ahead of their strap-shaped leaves in September, bringing a welcome splash of colour to fading borders and patios.
With fresh green, rosette-like velvety foliage and each plant producing flower stems that in turn produce clusters of funnel-shaped blooms along one side of the stem, they are a highly valuable source of early nectar for bees.
A funnel-shaped guide cone guarantees high turbulence inside the vessel as well as optimal deaeration due to the thin-film principle.
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