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shaped in the form of a funnel

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Funnel-shaped tension rod sockets support easy and quick set-up of the testo 420.
As a fluid flows through a funnel-shaped conduit, like the one already described in the law of continuity discussion, the kinetic energy (1/2 Dv2) increases at the narrowing as manifested by the increased velocity of the flow at that point.
Waterspouts appear as a funnel-shaped cloud that occurs over a body of water.
Completed in the fall of 2013, the glass-and-steel pavilion features a pair of 53-foot-tall funnel-shaped, sculptural steel columns that support the structure.
Bressingham White', which produces funnel-shaped, pure white flowers in mid to late spring that contrast with the leaves.
A waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud) that forms over a body of water.
funnel-shaped sensor ensures the sample is in the correct position, then the user simply presses the Start/Off switch and the salt content--expresses as a percentage--is displayed in just a few seconds.
An octopus swims by drawing water into its body and by squeezing it out through a funnel-shaped opening under its head.
Then, the gram is augured into a malt hopper--a funnel-shaped bin--and weighed.
A tornado usually is seen as a rotating funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground from the base of a thundercloud.
Pinch the funnel-shaped bottom of a snapdragon flower between thumb and forefinger, let go, and pinch again.
There also are an easy-fill one-piece bottle; large handle; wide-mouth, funnel-shaped spout; and airlock feature that forms a tight seal to keep water clean and safe.
They're very hardy plants, which - if you look after them properly - cover themselves with yellow funnel-shaped flowers.
1] As described by Kuhn, the frontal recess is an inverted funnel-shaped space.
As the warm air cools, it forms a funnel-shaped cloud called a vortex.