funnel shape

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a conical shape with a wider and a narrower opening at the two ends


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The Lavinia Vessels spun-glass sink unit from Kohler captures the raw perfection of nature with its organic funnel shape and slender refined walls that provide a showcase for the interplay of light and water.
By channeling sounds straight to the ear through the patented funnel shape, Yurbuds users can enjoy their music as they work out while being able to hear their environment when running, hiking, biking and more.
Sales Process Funnel displays the funnel shape, value and opportunities within a salesperson's, team's or organization's funnel.
The pineapple flower (Eucomis bicolor), grows to 2ft and provides a tropical effect for a sunny border or container, its leaves forming a wide, funnel shape and its fruit, which looks like an under-ripe pineapple, emerges in mid-summer.
Surrounding all this glory is a protective, multi-faceted cloak of 300-pound glass panels that rise in a funnel shape as the fountain expands toward the ceiling.
The Ana resistivity zone has a funnel shape which is the form expected for a mineralizing system with a vertical path for fluids and a horizontally altered body.