funnel shape

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a conical shape with a wider and a narrower opening at the two ends


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Its funnel shape helps give it the second highest tidal range globally.
The researchers discovered that unlike the neighbouring lakes, Cheko's bed has a distinctive funnel shape, which corresponds to their simulations of low-velocity impacts.
In Step 7, the water rotated and created a funnel shape.
It penetrates 30 feet into the ground, where it widens into a funnel shape.
Forget Hawaii; consider instead New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy, whose natural funnel shape helps create the highest tides in the world, up to an incredible 48 feet.
The Ana resistivity zone has a funnel shape which is the form expected for a mineralizing system with a vertical path for fluids and a horizontally altered body.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Integral Cfl Post Top Lantern Made With Cast Aluminium Spigot For 2 X 18 W Version, Spun Aluminium Funnel Shape With Cleaer Acrylic Cover Light Opening On Canopy With Baffles And Accessories Complete With Cfl Lamps As Per Bajaj Model-Bjgli 218 Clear Or Similar.
Tenders are invited for Integral Cfl Post Top Lantern Bjgli 218 Clear 2X18w, D Type Cfl Black Abs Plastic Spigot For 2X11w And Cast Aluminium Spigot For 2X18w Version, Spun Aluminium Funnel Shape With Clear Acrylic Cover, Light Opening On Canopy With Baffles And Accessories.