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a railway up the side of a mountain pulled by a moving cable and having counterbalancing ascending and descending cars

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And England's only inland funicular, at Bridgnorth in Shropshire, still provides a vital service, taking people across from one side of town to the other.
That total includes replacing the old funicular, extending it another three miles from the Hotel Humboldt down the other side of Mount Avila to La Guaira on the Caribbean coast, and reopening the Humboldt as a five-star luxury hotel, complete with a thirty-two-thousand square foot casino.
Track brakes are standard equipment on modern funiculars,'' said Charles Peterson, president of Tramway Engineering in Golden Springs, Colo.
Arriving by train, as I did, you find yourself at the top of the town but a funicular railway descends from the station to a point about half-way down towards the lake.
Contract notice: Renovation of machines and large inspection of the montmartre funicular for a period of 60 months.
It is one of three funiculars running between the Esplanade and the Spa in Scarborough, North Yorks.
reliance exclusive of management of space useful for advertising on the cars of surface public transport in naples, on the lines underground, funiculars and parking areas anm.