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a railway up the side of a mountain pulled by a moving cable and having counterbalancing ascending and descending cars

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A funicular railway certainly won't pull you to the top of a steep gradient in record speed, but it will give you plenty of time to enjoy the view as you head to the summit.
The Alpine city of Sierre, capital of Valais canton, is a gateway to the Val d'Anniviers tourist region and is connected to the popular Crans-Montana ski resort by funicular railway.
The technical part of the project envisages construction of eight ski-lifts, 3,000 meters long funicular railway, slopes of around 12 kilometers, construction of solid building, reception centers as well as prefabricated objects for service as mountain pastures.
The funicular railway on Vodno was also built before the elections, which cost 11 million euro.
uk Since 1892 it's been the oldest and steepest inland electrical funicular railway in Britain and travels up the sandstone cliffs linking the High and Low Towns of Bridgnorth, with great views.
As for the second component which will link the site to downtown Amman, Haddadeen told The Star, AoThe funicular railway project is still under study but itAAEs part of the plan for the Citadel.
If you make it to the funicular railway, it will take you up 80 meters to the entrance to the grottoes, which are lighted.
It's thought the Mournes' pending National Trust status could help a plan for a funicular railway become a reality.
As you take the funicular railway up the mountain, the vast expanse of Lake Geneva shimmers below you on your right.
Others include the Angel's Flight funicular railway in the Bunker Hill area of downtown, the Towers of Simon Rodia in Watts, the site of the San Fernando Mission and the site of Campo de Cahuenga in North Hollywood, where a treaty was signed in 1847 ending the war between the United States and Mexico.
The Niesenbahn funicular railway in Spiez, Switzerland has 11,674 steps, 5,074 more than the T'ai Chan Temple in China.
Access is by skis from the piste or by private funicular railway which delivers guests to the front door.
It was built in 1822 as part of the East Laroch Slate Quarry and it was used as a funicular railway for the transport of slate from the quarry to the shore of Loch Linnhe.
The ystanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced that many transport services in ystanbul were cancelled, such as the metro, tram and funicular railway systems and the Marmaray line, which links the city's Asian and European sides via an undersea commuter train line.
This year, top marks go to the Eden Project in Cornwall, the SS Great Britain in Bristol, the Cairngorm Funicular Railway and the Ski Centre in Aviemore, praised for its "brilliant" instructors.