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Synonyms for funicle

the stalk of a plant ovule or seed


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grandiflora) and flattened seeds (66) with a filiform funicle (70).
Head and body light brown to yellow; lateral margins of scape, pedicel, funicle, inferior margin of clypeus, mandible, oral fossa laterally, interantennal projection with a triangular spot dark brown; setae of body brown; metasoma brown.
Terms for morphological features follow Gibson (1997); we also use the abbreviation F for an antennal funicle (or flagellar in males of Mymaridae) segment.
The chalaza is the region of the ovule where the nucellus, integuments, and funicle merge, and therefore usually encompasses a vascular bundle.
Head with frontovertex broad; Antenna with third segment of funicle usually slightly longer than broad; clava about as long as pedicel and funicle combined.