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the stalk of a plant ovule or seed


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78 x) as long as 1st-7th funicular segments combined, set with fine pubescence, and not touching the eyes; funicle 1 2.
The antenna of the EGW adult female had 9 segments and it had a light brown color; the number of flagellomeres in the anellus, funicle and clava were 1, 3 and 3, respectively; the scape presented a slightly flattened column; the length of pedicel was 2 to 2.
1110), may have different proportions of the funicle segments: the sixth is slightly longer than wide whereas it is clearly wider than long in 2 out of 3 specimens from Pakistan (Fig.
The funicle has six antennomeres, the first being equal in length to the second and third together but wider than all the others; the second to sixth antennomeres are clearly wider than long and very compact.