fungus gnat

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Synonyms for fungus gnat

minute blackish gregarious flies destructive to mushrooms and seedlings

mosquito-like insect whose larvae feed on fungi or decaying vegetation

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5 [degrees]C in nursery areas may provide ideal conditions for growth and development of the fungus gnat independent of production and seasonal environmental conditions since the optimum temperature for adult emergence of species of this group is above 20 [degrees]C (Lee et al.
There are also bargains with real amber - the Baltic amber necklace, complete with fungus gnat, only cost pounds 8.
The best way to keep fungus gnats away is to use potting soil with aged compost.
Carlton of the University of Arkansas' entomology department identified the culprits as dark-winged fungus gnats, Bradysia impatiens.
triphyllum has previously been attributed to fungus gnats (Diptera) and Heterothhps ahsaemae (Thysanoptera).
Can massive urban greenhouses function without pesticides when marijuana growers with modest hydroponic setups seem to spend most of their waking hours battling fungus gnats ?
Most types feed on decaying plant matter and may serve as biological control agents that parasitize soil insects, such as fungus gnats, that pupate in the soil and would otherwise cause serious problems.
MESSAGE: To promote Safari as the super-systemic insecticide with quick up-take and knockdown that controls a variety of pests including whiteflies, aphids, scale, fungus gnats, leafminers and mealybugs.
Based on a proprietary mix of compounds extracted from a Latin American herbaceous plant, the new insecticide targets mites, whitefly, fungus gnats, aphids and other insects.
This winged predator from Europe, where it's also known as the "killer fly," has a taste for some of the insects greenhouse keepers find most distasteful: fungus gnats, shore flies, leafminers, fruit flies, moth flies, and some leafhoppers.
The product is systemic and gives up to six months protection against the dreaded weevil as well as protecting against aphids, scale insect and sciarid fly - the tiny fungus gnats which are common on houseplants.
Among the worst pests are whitefly, sciarid flies, the so-called fungus gnats and red spider mite.
Fungus gnats breed in areas affected by moisture where mildew is growing, and may continue to be a problem in the coming months, especially in coastal areas, like NJ's Barrier Islands, which are still closed off to many homeowners.
Studies of fungus gnats in the Afrotropics were dominated by the late Loi'c Matile (1938-2000).