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resembling fungi


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Yet at the same time, scientists are still coming across more undiscovered species; last year a new species of fungoid frog was found in peninsular India, and only last month two more species were discovered deep in the Amazon Rainforest.
To return to Machen's novel, the fungoid corrodes the notion of life at its root, problematizing it by recasting it as undead animation.
The Yeti were seven foot tall monsters with light eyes, electrical nervous system and electronic roars who used a fungoid mist in the 60s to try and take over London.
Kings American Dispensary also describes goldenseal as having a beneficial action in the cure of fungoid endometritis, lacerated cervix, and pelvic cellulitis.
PEDiNOL offers a full line of podiatry-focused O-T-C, prescription and professional pharmaceutical products, including Gris-PEG (griseofulvin ultramicrosize) tablets USP, 125 mg/250 mg; Nalfon 200 (fenoprofen calcium) 200-mg capsules; and Fungoid Tincture (miconazole nitrate 2%).
Thraustochytrid fungoid protists in faecal pellets of the tunicate Pegea confoederata, their tolerance to deep-sea conditions and implications in degradation processes.
Another Rx-to-O-T-C switch product is Fungoid Tincture from Pedinol Pharmacal Inc.
Rhetorical and metaphorical in its attack on Marxist dogma, especially materialism ('only a fungoid spawn on the rotten carcase of nineteenth century mechanism') it hopes that Christianity 'is strong enough, if it will only try its strength, to be in at the death of capitalism'.