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Synonyms for fungoid

resembling fungi


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True, he had beheld shooting stars (this in reply to Bassett's contention); but likewise had he beheld the phosphorescence of fungoid growths and rotten meat and fireflies on dark nights, and the flames of wood- fires and of blazing candle-nuts; yet what were flame and blaze and glow when they had flamed and blazed and glowed?
They have a parboiled appearance, are afflicted with hang-nails, while the nails are broken and discoloured, and the edges of the quick seem to be assuming a fungoid sort of growth.
I'd rather leave the way I'm going to age in the hands of God rather than have someone inject me with some kind of strange fungoid or bacterium.
The Yeti were seven foot tall monsters with light eyes, electrical nervous system and electronic roars who used a fungoid mist in the 60s to try and take over London.
Kings American Dispensary also describes goldenseal as having a beneficial action in the cure of fungoid endometritis, lacerated cervix, and pelvic cellulitis.