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Sources said the authorities have purchased the fungicide at an inflated rate.
Nufarm offers non-systemic foliar fungicide having protective action which controls fungal diseases in various crops including oil palm, rubber, sugar cane and banana.
Xzemplar fungicide contains only the active-ingredient fluxapyroxad, brand name XemiumA, a highly mobile and effective succinate-dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) for preventative and curative management of dollar spot and other key turfgrass pathogens.
This is a systemic and contact fungicide for the control of early and late blight on tomatoes and potatoes.
Azole fungicides described in the JMPR monographs (see Appendix) and azole compounds used in the management of breast cancer share some common effects in vitro and in vivo.
Milk and other dairy products can be as effective as some conventional fungicides in controlling powdery mildew in vineyards, according to a researcher from the University of Adelaide, Australia.
We'll soon be BANNED from using fungicides to attack the disease that so often causes grapes to come to an untimely end in greenhouses and gardens alike.
The most commonly used pesticides include highly toxic chemicals called fumigants, fungicides and insecticides.
He urges them to apply the fungicide Konker at the full flowering stage to avoid potential yield losses of up to 50 per cent.
These fungicides can be used in paint, coatings, stains, adhesives, metalworking fluids and printing inks.
Mr White, of Largs, sent for extra fungicide but included weedkiller in his order and everything was delivered in one box.
Plantation trees, exposed to the sun, require more fertilizer, fungicide and pesticide, and are at greater risk of the spread of pests and disease.
The article explains that EPA has jurisdiction over such products under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA-7 USC Sections 136-136y).
There are more than 100 species of powdery mildew, and no fungicide will kill them all.
Though the whole market situation of China's pesticide industry witnessed recovery with the demand pull this year, fungicides' market quotation confronted a downturn trend, especially in fungicide exports.