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AHDBs Fungicide Performance project on wheat, barley and oilseed rape are consistently rated by levy payers as the projects they value the most after the Recommended Lists.
s (NYSE: AVD) Amvac Mexico Srl subsidiary has finalised the acquisition of seven branded Mexican agricultural market herbicides and eight contact fungicide brands from agriculture company Syngenta AG, the company said.
Percentage of inhibition (efficacy): The percentage of inhibition (efficacy) for each fungicide in Petri dishes was calculated according to the following formula (Amer, 1995):
Enzyme-specific activity in other plant species and in vitro experiments has been shown to either increase or decrease as a response to fungicide treatment.
Sources said the authorities have purchased the fungicide at an inflated rate.
1]) of solution of fungicide and suspension of Trichoderma were sprayed into each gerbox, followed by incubation at 20 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C for 45 days with a photoperiod of 12h.
Nufarm offers non-systemic foliar fungicide having protective action which controls fungal diseases in various crops including oil palm, rubber, sugar cane and banana.
This is a systemic and contact fungicide for the control of early and late blight on tomatoes and potatoes.
Keywords: Fungicide, Ciboria carunculoides, carbendazim, glyphosate.
Antifungal performance and alterations of the mechanical, chemical, and physical properties of the materials were observed and analyzed in association with fungicide addition.
It also reduced disease on mature fruit, but not as well as an industry standard fungicide, triphenyltin hydroxide.