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capable of destroying fungi


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3) Terbinafine is considered fungicidal rather than fungistatic.
The fungicidal activities of the series of title compounds 6 were tested at 50 g/ml by modified method described in the literature [29].
They discuss types of microbicidal and microbistatic agents, factors affecting microbicides, their mechanisms of action, biofilm recalcitrance, fungicidal activity of microbicides, and other principles, and the evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy and the efficacy of professional healthcare antiseptics, regulation of microbicides, sterilization processes, preservation of medicine and cosmetics, sterility assurance, antimicrobial surfaces and devices, emerging natural technologies, and control of infectious bioagents.
Fungicidal sprays are available and, when applied every two weeks, may provide a modicum of protection to yard plantings.
MOB-015 is a new topical treatment for nail fungus (onychomycosis) with fungicidal, keratolytic and emollient properties.
Yard Guard is also formulated to control fungi such as mildew within plant life as it contains fungicidal properties which help control most fungal organisms.
These studies were targeted to evaluate the potential of pre and postharvest fungicidal applications and on-tree foliar spray of a plant activator viz.
MOB-015 is based on Moberg Derma's patent-pending formulation technology that facilitates the transportation of high concentrations of a fungicidal substance in and through nail tissue.
By the middle of the nineteenth century, sulfur had gained a lot of popularity for its fungicidal properties, and its use as a fungicide gradually increased until the fungicidal properties of Bordeaux mixture [4] in the control of mildew of grapes were discovered.
Before the weekend, stock up at your local DIY store on decking treatment, methylated spirits, fungicidal wash, a stiff broom, protective gloves and goggles, and a good quality wood-stain brush.
From familiar fungicidal and bactericidal peptides the research scientists produced sequence variations and tested them in vitro on various microbes.
Lanxess will gain access to a broad range of fungicidal and insecticidal active ingredients as well as application technologies used to protect construction materials such as wood, wallboards and coatings from being discolored and damaged.
Thus there seems a need for alternative treatment options, particularly those which may be fungicidal not simply fungistatic.
Juglones, which have fungicidal, and antibiotic properties.