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a commodity that is freely interchangeable with another in satisfying an obligation

of goods or commodities

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ICON is launching AUREALS(TM) a decentralized, digital currency fungible with physical gold.
If money is fungible in a government account or in an individual's account, it is also fungible in an insurance company's account.
The tap certificates represent only the second fungible tap issuance of any previously issued Sukuk by an issuer in the United Arab Emirates to date.
Three generalizations are permitted by the evidence: (i) aid finances government spending; (ii) the extent to which aid is fungible is over-stated and even where it is fungible this does not appear to make the aid less effective; (iii) there is no systematic effect of aid on tax effort.
Limited boycotts of fungible products simply do not work: total boycotts of them do (well, until the smugglers spring into action), but not limited ones.
No cow is too sacred and no soul is too fungible for Dilbert and his compatriots, in this mercilessly hilarious collection that makes the perfect gift for any co-worker with a wicked sense of humor.
We are taking a cautious approach and want to make sure that shares are fully fungible between London and Dubai," a spokesperson told Reuters.
There will be a higher tolerance for some parts of the system to be more fixed than fungible.
Mike Dowling, president of LDH Energy Asset Holdings LLC, adds, "The addition of connectivity to Explorer positions LDH as a key element in the diluent supply chain to Canada as well as advances the fungible trading hub for refined products at our Mont Belvieu facility.
Akl added the company's shares are fungible and can be traded interchangeably on the Dubai and London exchanges.
Based on these findings, it presents key recommendations concerning obtaining national commitment to increase fungible financing, formulating an overall wage strategy, improving payroll management, enforcing rules and providing better incentives regarding absenteeism and tardiness, enhancing accountability and financial management capacity at the district level, fortifying district health finance grants, providing a special focus on maternal and child health interventions, and elevating hospital investments and financing to the policy agenda.
In a world of perfectly fungible digital goods, measuring the money supply may be an impossible dream.
A taxpayer using this method treats all goods inventoried under the LIFO method that fall within a pool as fungible.
Probably the most confusing and fungible word in all of food labeling is the term "natural.
I've discovered a great new word that I can't wait to share with you: fungible.