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a commodity that is freely interchangeable with another in satisfying an obligation

of goods or commodities

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Supply of fungible material associated to equipment for ophthalmologic surgery of the anterior, posterior and combined segment, destined to the centers that make up the Health Logistics Platform of Crdoba (CCA.
Contract notice: Rental and maintenance of personalized textile articles and fungible textile articles for the benefit of organizations supported by the support group of the TOURS defense base.
Moreover, at the program's inception, Belmont Funding will not benefit from a fungible layer of programwide credit support.
Contract notice: supply of fungible material - surgical covers - for the institut d~assistncia sanitria de salt (girona)
19 billion dinars) consists mainly of fungible Treasury bills (64%) and deposits in the TGT (28%).
The notes will be treated as a single series under the indenture and be fungible with and have the same CUSIP/ISIN numbers as, the existing notes for US federal income tax purposes, except that the additional notes will initially be subject to restrictions on transfer and will trade separately under different CUSIP/ISIN numbers until at least 40 days after the issue date.
Right, but they get a lot of money and, you know, money's fungible and it effectively floats these organizations which then use other money," said Ryan.
The notes will constitute a single series with, and will be consolidated and fungible with, Coveris's existing 7 7/8 percent senior notes due 2019.
This money, which supports the PA budget, is fungible to meet payments for imprisoned and released (terrorists.
The standardized pricing mechanism is designed to turn these precious stones into fungible products, Feldman said, and allow investors to capitalize on price fluctuations.
Single tenant leases that are triple net and leased by a credit worthy tenant such as Walgreens are extremely appealing and very fungible, much more so than typical commercial real estate," said Paul V.
The tap certificates form part of and are fungible with the two pre-existing tranches of: AED 3.
The additional senior notes are fungible with Telesat's previously issued 6.
Fungible goods (1) are those that can substitute each other in performing an obligation; they can substitute each other in payments and reimbursements (money, cigarettes, food, etc).
There are legitimate concerns about how aid is used and whether it is fungible, but there is very little evidence that these present a challenge to aid effectiveness, at least in fiscal terms.