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Building on the Hyde and Helms Amendments, abortion opponents have used fungibility primarily as a cudgel against organizations--both internationally and domestically--that receive U.
50) Fungibility is also strongest with project funding, as demonstrated here:
In Europe and other parts of the world they talk about fungibility of capital, where a supervisor can move capital around in a group wherever they think they may need it.
The new initiative aims at building a Big Data-based mobile and web platform for strategic communication between corporate and investment institutions and professionals taking into consideration future connectivity and fungibility potentials, in order to meet multi-layered needs of the cross-market financial community for more effective and efficient corporate disclosure and investment targeting in a safe and protected cloud environment.
In a landmark study, Martha Nussbaum identified seven interdependent behaviors that characterize objectification, or "Seven Ways to Treat a Person as a Thing": (i) instrumentality, (ii) denial of autonomy, (iii) inertness, (iv) fungibility, (v) violability, (vi) ownership, and (vii) denial of subjectivity (1995, 256-7).
The two centres can cooperate to promote fungibility of the RMB globally, encourage innovation in RMB products and services and meet the growing appetite for RMB investment instruments.
The sacrificial ideal of Christian morality, which necessitates "human singularity that makes of one figure a victim, and the other, a survivor or beneficiary" (225), sits uneasily, she tells us, with an economics "that presumes full fungibility among values" (225).
result of reduced earnings capacity and capital fungibility within Pictet
While diversification at NBG is rating positive, it is counterbalanced by potential constraints on capital and liquidity fungibility.
Here, the uniformity of the compositions and the shift in register effected by the chroma-key paint raised additional questions about abstraction's inevitable imbrication not only with the circulation of digital information but also with principles of universal fungibility and mutual substitution that govern modern social and financial systems.
IDRs were issued by the bank into ordinary shares under the partial two way fungibility programme, which was originally announced on 29 April last year.
With less than half of the 630 newspapers that now disclose their circulation via the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM -- ne Audit Bureau of Circulations) providing five-day average circulation figures and the seeming fungibility of various kinds of circulation data, the report formerly known as the FAS-FAX (now called "Snapshot") released 12 days ago has lost whatever import it once had.
Thaler (1999) concluded that in all three of the components of mental accounting the classical economic principle of fungibility was violated.
Fungibility is a persistent problem, particularly in the healthcare sector, with many studies showing that DAH is often used for purposes other than those intended.