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If donors co-ordinate their actions they can use these countervailing incentives to eliminate part of the fungibility problem.
The starting point for this paper is the belief that the reduction of limitations on the fungibility and substitutability of Treasury securities can enhance liquidity and lead to higher prices for those securities.
The court further argued on Bowater's behalf that netting interest expense and interest income was similar to the fungibility concept in the income tax regulations because, rarely, if ever, does the amount and timing of business borrowings directly correlate to specific investments.
Potential lack of regulatory equivalence will have the opposite effect as it will ultimately result in reduced fungibility of capital between units of international groups.
In particular, as explained below, measures for eliminating substantive differences in the application of the branch profits tax and dividend tax may be at odds with the fungibility principle underlying the rules for imputing interest deductions to U.
Galenic theories of physiology placed a premium on the body's fungibility and its processes of ingestion and excretion; yet pace Paster's argument to the contrary, the humoral body bore little resemblance to the grotesque body of carnival described by Mikhail Bakhtin.
To my knowledge, there is only one study, by Khilji and Zampelli (1991), which is built upon McGuire's work on Israel, testing the fungibility hypothesis for Pakistan.
The loss of the fungibility of product inventories for distribution in the maritime provinces and the rest of Canada will increase inventory carrying costs since separate inventory stocks must be maintained in order to fill orders in the maritime provinces and the rest of the country.
The new focus embraced the concept of fungibility, while the interest expense relating to a loan secured on the credit of a foreign entity is properly considered to be the expense of the foreign entity.
Ambit offers complete fungibility of ADRs / GDRs, structured products in derivatives segment as well as placement and syndication of IPOs, QIPs, FCCBs as well as ADRs / GDRs.
The rapid re-tenanting of this sizable property to a full building user continues to demonstrate the leasability and fungibility of assets in our portfolio," commented Ben Butcher, STAG Industrial's Chief Executive Officer.
To ensure the solvency of ceding insurers, and to ensure maximum fungibility of capital, there must be rules of engagement for measuring financial capital, recognition of solvency rules as established by other jurisdictions of equal standing to U.
Transformation and metamorphosis have always been central to the work of Paco Vacas, whether he is exploring the fungibility of gender designations, embalming himself in a cocoon, or intervening in the work of nature.
985-3(e)(3)(vii)(A) provides that currency gains or losses from liabilities shall be allocated in a fashion similar to interest expense, but without regard to the exceptions to fungibility contained in Temp.
The motivation in the paper was to quantitatively assess the degree of fungibility of U.