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For example, fumonisin and some other fungal toxins are highly toxic, causing esophageal cancer in humans and fatal diseases in livestock that eat infected corn.
Wheat gluten alone wouldn't cause kidney failure but it could if it were contaminated by other substances, such as heavy metals or fungal toxins.
The mice that inhaled the fungal toxins also developed inflammation of the nasal passages and rhinitis ("runny nose" symptoms), as well as milder inflammation of the olfactory bulbs.
However, elsewhere in the world, particularly in less-developed countries, people are poisoned every day by fungal toxins that contaminate grain.
Our scientists also want to assist in reducing the burden on farmers whose crops must be rejected--or considerably downgraded in value--when round tainted with even a small amount of fungal toxins.
I wish I could tell you it's simple to clear your body of the fungal toxins that are causing your illness.
African peanut farmers can slash their exposure to a class of harmful fungal toxins by adopting several simple measures after the harvest, researchers have shown.
Unless cleaned with a HEPA vacuum, carpets become a sink for mold, dust mites and animal allergens, as well as bacterial and fungal toxins and fine particles from traffic.
But there is some evidence that they can pose particular health risks through fungal toxins and bacteria such as E-Coli.
In order to examine whether there was a scientific basis for the concern about "toxic" mold, NIOSH exhaustively searched the available medical and scientific literature and reviewed all research reports associating health effects with exposures to fungal toxins in the indoor (nonindustrial) environment.
Aflatoxins are naturally-occurring fungal toxins produced by Aspergillus mold that are present in many different types of food including grains, nuts, spices and milk.
chartarum or from closely related fungi (atranones B and E, satratoxin G, trichodermin, 7-[alpha]-hydroxytrichodermol, staplabin, and SMTP-7) and the known fungal toxins sterigmatocystin, citrinin, and ochratoxin A were each tested with Str.