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In a two-year British Ophthalmic Surveillance Unit (BOSU) study between late 2003 and 2005, corneal graft surgery was performed in 10 of the 34 (29%) eyes with follow-up data, 4 of 19 eyes (21%) with Candida keratitis, and 6 of 15 eyes (40%) with filamentary fungal infection.
Fungal infections represent a significant medical problem, resulting in significant healthcare costs worldwide.
Key words: Fungal infection, Excision, Skin grafting INTRODUCTION
Severe asthma with fungal sensitization (SAFS) has been recognized only recently.
Approximately 10% of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis or nasal polyposis have concurrent allergic fungal sinusitis.
The protocol described did carry a significant cost, but it proved successful in eradicating fungal infections from the shelter, which housed approximately 140 cats.
Hole lot of bother: Smelly belly button may be fungal infection
A variety of laboratory tests for diagnosis of histoplasmosis, including fungal culture, histopathology, serologic tests, antigen detection, and molecular methods, have different sensitivities based on clinical manifestations and host status (9).
The fungi probably coevolved with their plant hosts, she says, so fungal DNA taken from seven-or-so spruce and pine species showed plausible relationships when regarded as a plant family tree.
Howard Burnett responds: Mulberries are subject to a variety of fungal and bacterial infections that may well be the source of your concerns.
As papermakers try to stay one step ahead of these critters, they turn to the marvels of modern chemistry to identify and eliminate bacterial and fungal growth in the warm confines of the wet end.
SAN ANTONIO -- Consider the diagnosis of fungal sinusitis in patients with chronic sinusitis, especially if nasal polyps are present, Dr.
Fungal contaminants are always present in the air we breathe at varying levels depending on the nine of year, time of day, weather conditions, and geographic location.
These patents provide GPC Biotech with a significant competitive advantage; they cover novel anti-fungal drug discovery assays and the commercial development of important new therapeutics for fungal diseases, based on a novel mechanism of action distinctly different from conventional therapies.
Indications to be developed include idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), tuberculosis, systemic fungal infections, chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) and osteopetrosis, as well as additional indications to be agreed upon later.