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Synonyms for funfair

a commercially operated park with stalls and shows for amusement

a traveling show


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He appreciated the efforts of students for organizing a well disciplined and planned funfair.
The funfair was part of series of similar events hosted by USAD across remote areas of the country.
There will be a charge for funfair rides on the day.
When asked about the further details, Naheed Naveed Atif, charge d'affaires, embassy of Pakistan, said the funfair is being held to highlight the real Pakistan and its heritage and culture.
lt;BCharlie McGregor enjoys the Whitley Bay funfair
CLIMBING UP THE WA W LLS Out of the funfair and on the seafront is the colourful and beautifully designed climbing wall spelling out Ynys Y Barri Barry Island, offering a bit of free fun for the kids.
The funfair will run on New Year's Eve from noon to 1am and on New Year's Day from 2pm to 8pm.
The Cambridge Road car park has been used for funfairs for several years.
In the post he grabs the fish from a plastic bag and gulps it down in front of giggling pals at a funfair.
With Mellors Group bringing over 100 years of experience in fairground maintenance, upkeep, and health and safety, Fantasy Island funfair is a whole new experience for thrill seeking daredevils.
Wing it to the promenade for spectacular action, funfair rides, displays, food stalls and more.
Summary: CAIRO - Although organised school trips were officially banned, in the context of bloody clashes that followed the January revolution, one of the rides at a funfair in the coastal city Alexandria that recently collapsed was carrying a large number of primary schoolchildren.
Funfair Wane, under a considerate ride, had finished less than four lengths behind the winner Halmahera.
Airport Expo Dubai is all set to host a back-to-school exhibition and a funfair as part of 'Eid in Dubai' festivities to mark Eid Al Fitr.