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wood heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite

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24 (ANI): An elderly Hindu man has said that he will be going to the High Court in a bid to win the right to be cremated on a traditional open-air funeral pyre when he dies.
In India, funeral pyres consume around 50m trees a year, producing 500,000 tonnes of ash and 8m tonnes of carbon dioxide.
Funeral pyres are said to be essential to the Hindu and Sikh belief in reincarnation.
19 ( ANI ): Smoke from open-air burning of funeral pyres in India and Nepal is a significant source of production of carbon aerosols, a new study has claimed.
If the report goes to cabinet on July 31 and takes as long to act as it has done for my letter dated February 5, 2005, then we will be having funeral pyres in the fields around Brotton.
A team of broadcast journalists pursuing a report on allegations of corruption in allotting funeral pyres at one of Delhi's oldest cremation grounds was threatened and manhandled by goons allegedly at the behest of a politician.
A HIGH Court decision to allow Hindu funeral pyres instead of the normal requirement of cremation within an authorised crematorium raises a number of points which affect the general public.
I understood why they used to throw widows onto funeral pyres in India.
NO one will ever forget the horrific images of thousands of cattle being burned in funeral pyres in Britain during the last outbreak of foot and mouth disease.
Ill omens of funeral pyres, skulls, and feral beasts stalk their nighttime sleep.
He is a leading campaigner for British funeral pyres.
I UNDERSTAND Hindus and Sikhs want the right to light open-air funeral pyres in the British countryside - a practice banned from Britain since 1930.
There Ramakrishna had the vision of Mother Kali, the Divine Mother of the Universe, walking amidst the funeral pyres of the deceased, untying the knots of their ignorance, as Lord Shiva whispered into their ears the mantra of final liberation.