funeral pyre

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wood heaped for burning a dead body as a funeral rite

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The van's driver, Funeral Pyre member Justin Garcia, 24, of Fresno, Calif.
Mr Ghai, from Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne is fighting for the legal right to be cremated on an open-air funeral pyre in "a sacrament of fire".
This often heavy, trudging rock beast prowls through the debris of twisted prog rock with the opening track Burn The Witch more like a siren call to burn the past by throwing The Darkness onto the funeral pyre.
Agarwal has developed a funeral pyre that will allow the traditional Hindu custom of cremation to be more environmentally friendly.
Upon reaching Namugonga, the group was kept imprisoned for seven days while the executioners were assembled and the funeral pyre was built.
Much eyebrow-raising over that Hindu open air funeral pyre in Northumberland.
Voodoo Children, 2005, is made entirely of black objects--a Playboy purse with the handles wrapped around its body, black clothes tied off like sausages, and bunches of dark, sparkling fabric--with calligraphic graffiti rising on the wall behind it like smoke from a funeral pyre.
Thursday, as ashes from the local fires sprinkled down, Dodger Stadium oddly felt like a funeral pyre.
Elsewhere in the capital, a bomb went off at the funeral pyre of a soldier on Sunday, security officials said.
MacCallan Castle was destroyed when it was used a funeral pyre for the dead.
On the same day as Dyke was proclaiming his own martyrdom, his successor Mark Thompson was enthusiastically lighting the funeral pyre, condemning "derivative and tired" programming, such as endless reality and makeover shows.
Home Minister Mahendra Boudh told the state assembly that 65-year-old Kuttu, who died of burn injuries, was forced to enter the funeral pyre of her late husband Mallu Nai.
In India, the closest attendant to the deceased then lights the funeral pyre.
Stravinsky and Balanchine, the bouquets ready to be tossed on the funeral pyre.
In India a man and woman are one until the funeral pyre," Kochrekar says.