funeral parlor

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a mortuary where those who knew the deceased can come to pay their last respects

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He created a concept which could be likened to a franchise, whereby funeral parlors agreed to display his logo and supply services to him when he got respondents from his PR efforts.
Locals formed a queue as long as 2 kilometers to offer flowers as policemen milled around the funeral parlor, situated in front of the U.
Funeral homes are no longer storefronts and preparing the body for burial is done at the funeral parlor, not in the home.
What: Seriocomic series about a family-run funeral parlor.
Before Goldberg found fame and considerable fortune, starring in movies like ``Ghost'' and ``Sister Act,'' one of her previous jobs was at a funeral parlor, giving the dead a final makeover.
It was the same woman who listed herself as his ``second wife'' in paperwork filed with a Tijuana funeral parlor handling his remains.
We were also addressing a number of other issues related to the body being at a local funeral parlor," the chief said.
And as the camera observes Sandra ritualistically stripping, then dancing around a dead body in the funeral parlor where she works as an embalmer, we never see exactly what takes place.
6th at the funeral parlor, Graham, Putnam, and Mahoney Funeral Parlor, 838 Main St.
True, you won't be able to place a flower on the casket or get a whiff of that funeral parlor smell, but SKC thinks it has found a niche among cyber-savvy people with hectic schedules and a lot of ill-fated friends.
Graham, Putnam & Mahoney Funeral Parlor is directing the arrangements.
A funeral service for Louise will be held Friday, March 13, 2015 at 11 AM from the Graham, Putnam & Mahoney Funeral Parlors.
Gaston, whose sound money management practices helped him found a string of funeral parlors, financial companies, and media entities that he passed on to his employees, to Bussell Simmons, who spawned an industry by taking hip-hop mainstream.
In contrast to this vision of death, at the center of the room two ornately carved black benches and an imitation baroque fountain evoked the contrived sentimentality of funeral parlors and cemeteries, where those left behind go to contemplate the lives that led up to this final act.
We find that baby boomers who look for expediency and one-stop shopping prefer graveside services and, in addition, because many people today are outliving their contemporaries, expected attendance for a chapel service at large funeral parlors has greatly diminished," he noted.