funeral march

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a slow march to be played for funeral processions

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Jaime Paglinawan, secretary general of Bayan Muna-Central Visayas, said the funeral march was a show for respect for Badayos and to demand justice.
Thousands of people took to the streets of the Philippine capital yesterday to join a funeral march for a 17-year-old boy killed by police during an anti-drug operation.
Sources from the organizers for Friday's funeral march said they were expecting around 10,000 supporters to sympathize with Parago's family and friends.
The nine-year-old prodigy defended his crown from last year with a stunning performance of Chopin's Funeral March and Grande Valse Brilliante.
In this weekend's show, viewers will see Will and fellow coaches Rita Ora and Ricky Wilson humming Chopin's Funeral March when they discover one talented competitor is Welsh and they realise they have little chance of grabbing them ahead of Sir Tom.
Chopin's funeral march was played as the coffins, draped in French flags, were carried from the building.
Umm Hashem, Yaseen's neighbor, addressed the women in the funeral march, telling them not to cry.
As the last notes of Chopin's Funeral March died away a hush came over the church.
Al Wefaq National Islamic Society claims he died from head injuries sustained during a funeral march in Sr on February 23.
They called it a funeral march - the Death of the Valley - but in reality it was the biggest fightback Caerphilly has seen since the Miners Strike and Poll Tax debacle.
Following the service, the casket was taken for burial at the church's cemetery, while the army band played the funeral march.
Vasily Petrenko and the RLPO gave a masterful interpretation, from the insistent opening through serene moments of repose to the intense power of the funeral march.
The World Press Photo of the Year award went to Swedish Photographer Paul Hansen, whose snapshot of a funeral march in Gaza also won first prize in the Spot News category.
Later that month, Barry Woods Johnston presented a piano recital of his works Funeral March and Condolence (2011) and Omni Sonata (1981) Andante con Tempo Sempre Stretto, Larghetto, Moderato, and Aggitato.
The blue of the river turns into black like a veil of mourning, and the waltz changes into a funeral march.