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one whose business is the management of funerals

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Local funeral directors have years of experience in dealing with arrangements for family and friends who are grieving.
Bob then managed the family business until his own son, also John Grenfell, completed his engagement with the RAF, John being the fourth generation of funeral directors.
With financial backing from his father, Edward has set up Cutler Funeral Directors from premises in Little Sutton Road, Four Oaks, and is now on the lookout for funeral bookings.
With state reimbursement for indigent burials hovering at $1,100 since the 1980s, funeral directors say they lose money.
Wasielewski knew the funeral director, knew what prices to pay, and knew how he wanted to remember his father, Henry Senior, who died in 1981.
Rising from the other side of the aisle, the funeral director walked around the casket and led the man to his place.
The funeral directors have attempted to contact families but have been unsuccessful.
If the death has been referred to the Coroner, the registration process may vary, in this case your Funeral Director will explain the procedures.
RESPECT: funeral Directors away the stress a funeral Nowadays, many people worry about the financial impact their funeral could have on family members and want to make provisions for their funeral while still alive.
The National Association of Funeral Directors which sponsors the Code, provides a clients' advisory service with conciliation and arbitration arrangements, available to help resolve any disputes which arise between Members and their clients.
However, for those who haven't expressed any wishes, the task of choosing a funeral director can seem daunting.
Dave Culyat and Doran Puckett - recent SCI funeral director retirees with a combined 89 years of service - and Local 727 Business Representative Nick Micaletti personally addressed shareholders and the company's full Board of Directors, including CEO Thomas L.
The funeral director will guide you through each step of the bereavement process and cover everything from burial and burial plots, crematorium and cremations, caskets, choices of music for service, transport for the minister taking religious and non-religious funerals, the press notice, floral tributes, catering and monumentals.