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someone who solicits financial contributions

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a social function that is held for the purpose of raising money

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The campaign will run until June 30 this year, seeing a total of PS5,000 shared at the end of the month among the groups supported by the top 20 fundraisers.
Later Thursday, the other Floridian's fundraising operation comes to Dallas for a second fundraiser starring Jeb Bush's two sons and geared toward young professionals.
AT THE SHARP END: Kevin Carney, above, and Mal Fitzgerald with a fellow fundraiser, leftPictures by DEREK BAYLEY
The Dodge Booster Club Fundraiser is an opportunity for schools to earn money for enrichment programs and extracurricular activities by bringing local Dodge dealers to schools in their communities.
According to ABC News, no reason was given by the Romney campaign for the change in policy for this fundraiser, other than an aide saying that it is "closed press.
The dinner, billed "A New York Night," also raffled off tickets with a small donation, much like it did with a fundraiser at actor and activist George Clooney's Los Angeles mansion last month.
Then, the fundraiser could use their phone to spread the word across their social networks, sending visitors to their own website and facebook pages to donate.
We have future Network fundraiser events lined up throughout 2010 to be held in upstate New York, Philadelphia, and Sante Fe.
FUNDRAISERS from a children's hospice appeal will be encouraging you to dig deep for the charity.
legends: Kapil Dev, Mike Gatting, Ray Bright, Dion Nash, Joel Stransky, Tom O'Gorman, Clive Rice, Devon Malcom, Barry Richards and Pat Symcox and not to menton a LOT of help from friends spread across the world from Japan to South Africa, Sports Extravaganza 2006--a three-day fundraiser with a Celebrity Sports Dinner, Celebrity Golf Day and Celebrity Cricket Match--was born.
A fundraiser to boost rent funds is scheduled for 5to 9p.
A successful fundraiser should have excellent writing, researching, organizational, and computer skills.
To entice kids to sell, the ESPN Coaches Fundraiser is offering ESPN-specific items (and other rewards to be announced) to show their appreciation to top-sellers while providing them with something tangible to boost their interest.
I don't know what their politics are, but they'd definitely nominate you for best fundraiser of the year.