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someone who solicits financial contributions

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a social function that is held for the purpose of raising money

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EMLEY Fundraisers raised pounds 1,000 for St John Ambulance at a Christmas tree festival last weekend.
The Easter Seals' ``Walk With Me'' fundraiser will be held at 9 a.
The AFRDS, an international association of companies that manufacture, supply and distribute products that are re-sold by schools and other non-profit fund-raising organizations, was formed in 1992 by a merger of preexisting organizations--the National Association of Product Fundraisers (supplier oriented) and the National Association of Direct Sellers (distributor-oriented).
The Independent Sector, which represents about 700 non profit agencies along with a trade organization, the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association plus a separate group of 176 charities and some free speech advocates, have filed briefs to the court on behalf of Telemarketing Associates.
Accountability is the watchword in fundraising, since the most important asset of a fundraiser is trust," Dr.
The August fundraiser will likely be Trump's first trip to Texas since he officially became the Republican nominee last week at the GOP national convention in Cleveland.
The Dodge Booster Club Fundraiser is an opportunity for schools to earn money for enrichment programs and extracurricular activities by bringing local Dodge dealers to schools in their communities.
The dinner, billed "A New York Night," also raffled off tickets with a small donation, much like it did with a fundraiser at actor and activist George Clooney's Los Angeles mansion last month.
A total of pounds 3,850 has been raised for Leukaemia Research by the Emley Fundraisers.
The Gibbon Conservation Center in Bouquet Canyon will host a fundraiser from 8:30 a.
An outcome of these strategies might be, however, that the donor chooses to make a gift to an institution other than the one represented by the fundraiser.
How about a popcorn fundraiser that is endorsed by the American Heart Association?
Those attending the Houston fundraiser are being asked to give or raise $2,700 to $25,000.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE - Westlake High School's junior class will benefit from an ice cream fundraiser at Cold Stone Creamery in the Westlake Village Promenade.