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The early 1990s marked a turn rightward by the Greens, partly because of these new additions, and partly because many Fundis quit what to them seemed increasingly a part of the West German establishment.
Armed with a Rl00m war-chest, the owner of ThisDay, Nigeria's flagship newspaper, set about recruiting top journalists, sales and marketing experts, circulation and distribution fundis and the cream of newspaper management.
The UK mobile phone industry fundis that research while phones sold in the UK are built to agreed guidelines.
However, a student's intent (earning college credits versus personal enrichment), motivation, and goal orientation, among other factors, have also been noted as important in predicting persistence and academic success (Lange & Fundis, 1994; Santa Rita, 1996).
dollar denominated fundis modeled after the Manulife U.
The German Greens first elaborated this distinction as being between Realos and Fundis.
The Singapore Fundis a closed-end investment company listed on the New York Stock Exchange with current total assets of $162 million.
Western Asset Premier Bond Fundis a diversified, closed-end management investment company managed by Legg Mason Partners Fund Advisor, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Legg Mason, Inc.
The recipients of these awards are a diverse group of inspired creators who have contributed some of the most distinctive and seminal recordings of the past century," said Garth Fundis, Chairman of the Academy's Board of Trustees.
all from the Beaver Valley Power Station; David Eldred of Oak Harbor, Ohio, and Michael Kaminski of Castalia, Ohio, from the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station; Robert Fundis of Austinburg, Ohio, and Paul Gant of Madison, Ohio, from the Perry Nuclear Power Plant; and Archie Proffit of Norton, Ohio, from FENOC fleet maintenance in Akron.
The writers suggest that ideally the realos and fundis would provide the Green Party with an "optimum blend of realism and resolve.
Also at the breakfast, Garth Fundis, Recording Academy(R) Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Neil Portnow, President-Designee of the Recording Academy, announced that Nominations for the 45th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be revealed at a press conference at Madison Square Garden on January 7, 2003.
The continued improvement in net worth of the fundis attributable to a moderate pace of bank failures and rising assessment revenue.
Realo" leaders have been involved in not informing "fundi" Greens of meetings, physically preventing fundis from entering meetings, threatening legal violence (in the form of lawsuits) against fundis, attempting to expel those with whom they disagree, holding rival meetings to split Green groups they do not control, and orchestrating hate campaigns against Greens they target as "lefts.
Widely respected entertainment attorney Joel Katz has been appointed General Counsel to the Recording Academy(R), it was announced today by Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Garth Fundis.