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(anatomy) the base of a hollow organ or that part of the organ farthest from its opening

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The vagal nerves regulate fundic relaxations and antral contractions.
pylori led to substantial long-term reduction of symptoms of nonulcer dyspepsia with fundic atrophic gastritis (36).
Gastric glands were evident in the fundic region of the stomach (ventricili-gastric cecum), close to the junction with the esophagus in the 30.
Contract awarded for sclerotherapy needle kit for treatment of fundic varices.
The anterior segment changes made fundic detail less distinct; however, the margins of the pecten were particularly indistinct and the pecten appeared engorged.
Finally, the abomasal mucosa of the cardiac, fundic and pyloric gland regions were scraped off with a glass slide, and put into liquid nitrogen.
Reg protein is expressed in gastric fundic ECL cells.
Tissue fragments containing fundic (oxyntic) mucosa reflect sampling of the proximal stomach, such as a hiatal hernia, rather than metaplasia within the esophagus and, thus, should not be considered to represent Barrett esophagus.
Biopsy confirmed the presence of fundic type gastric mucosa.
Contract awarded for acquisition kit needle treatment sclerotherapy fundic varices, set of application of esophageal ligatures, disposable latex bands x6.