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This is a primary justification for a study which describes and explains Africa in its own terms and from this derives a new paradigm of the African state, Fundi wa Afrika.
But in the late nineteenth century it was an important city, a thriving caravanserai and meeting place for the Arab slave and ivory traders, hungry white explorers and missionaries, the Wasukuma and the Wanyamwezi with their king Fundi Kira.
As I try to make clear in my campaign, I am a fundi Green, whose basic attachment is to GPUSA, as being more oriented in that direction than ASGP.
The cortical valleys, or fundi, that lie beneath these swarming cerebral summits may help coordinate problem solving and other complex types of thinking, two psychologists suggest in a new study.
The truth of these observations was never more evident than at the recent FUNDI EXPO '91, the 11th International Foundry Congress and Exposition held in Monterrey, Mexico (October 21-25,199 1).
750 15-Mar-2032 1,998 92344GAW6 VERIZON GLOBAL FUNDI 4.