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Synonyms for fund

Synonyms for fund

the monetary resources of a government, organization, or individual

to supply capital to or for

Synonyms for fund

convert (short-term floating debt) into long-term debt that bears fixed interest and is represented by bonds

Related Words

place or store up in a fund for accumulation

provide a fund for the redemption of principal or payment of interest

invest money in government securities

accumulate a fund for the discharge of a recurrent liability

furnish money for

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The model of the Funders Collaborative is unique because it provides critical partnerships across the public and private sectors.
Camps have no problem singing our song qualitatively, but it is in connecting the story and the data that allows camps and funders to be a part of the same choir.
Many of the funders working for foundations were once public health practitioners themselves, and they bring knowledge with them.
com)-- Idox Information Solutions has been collating information on funder feedback and reporting it through databases like GRANTfinder for the past 28 years.
A claimant that brings the same case but secures litigation funding, where the terms stipulate that the funder will take 30 per cent of the damages in the event that the claim is successful, will have a P&L impact of [pounds sterling]O (the funder picks up the legal fees) and a contingent asset of [pounds sterling]5.
based philanthropies, however, decreased funding to AIDS, including several of the top 10 funders that shifted investments toward other health areas.
Of course, guidelines might not always be clear, or you may want to check in with the funder to see if you're on the right track.
When questioned on the selection of PE funders, 43 per cent of respondents said funders were picked on "management preference", 30 per cent claimed "deliverability" as the significant factor, while only 27 per cent were selected on "price" paid, despite a competitive market for attractive assets.
Dimensions for Funders gives funding organizations access to cloud-based software in order to search grant, publication and researcher databases; compare overlaps between grants, proposals and prior awards; assign peer reviewers based on publication and grant history, and do advanced categorization and portfolio analysis for reporting and decision making on their own funded projects.
Working with GrowthAccelerator, we wanted to provide a unique opportunity for businesses to pitch to a number of different funders to help take their ideas to the next stage.
Funders aren't interested in organizations that sit paralyzed with a straitjacket plan as the program crashes and burns.
com)-- Lexington writer Fiona Young-Brown is about to embark upon her most ambitious writing project yet, and she has taken to the internet to find funders.
Ms Marsh said: "We are currently moving away from formal insolvencies, concentrating on advisory roles, carrying out group reconstructions with the full support of the funders, instead of winding businesses up.