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Synonyms for fundamental

Synonyms for fundamental

arising from or going to the root or source

of or being an irreducible element

constituting or forming part of the essence of something

a fundamental irreducible constituent of a whole

a fundamental principle or underlying concept

a broad and basic rule or truth

Synonyms for fundamental

any factor that could be considered important to the understanding of a particular business

Related Words

the lowest tone of a harmonic series

serving as an essential component

being or involving basic facts or principles

Related Words

far-reaching and thoroughgoing in effect especially on the nature of something


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Later, in chapter 8, Sider presents and criticizes other realist approaches, or those who insist that fundamentality (which is perfectly fundamental according to Sider) can be clarified in terms of grounding or truthmaking.
It can be difficult to appreciate the fundamentality of Peirce's semiotic at first.
There are still other ways to question the fundamentality of the distinction between doing and speaking.
In his discussion of specific federal rights of the accused, Cardozo explicitly directed attention to the laws of England, continental Europe, and Rome, in assessing the fundamentality of those protections.
Pope Paul VI further elevated expectations with his extended period of silence in response to the commission's recommendation, suggesting that the papacy itself doubted the fundamentality of the teaching.
Horwitz, The Constitution of Change: Legal Fundamentality Without Fundamentalism, 107 HARV.
Our approach also heeds Lewis Branscomb's warning that the level of importance that utility considerations have in motivating research does not automatically determine the nature and fundamentality of the research carried out.
In this particular examination, and in a relatively concise manner, Ketner demonstrates several things: the fundamentality of the triadic relationship for Peirce (and for all humans, beginning with their common sense assumptions); Percy's parallel breakthrough; and how such apparently simple insights are crucial for our understanding of the arts.
Our concentration on 'Albion's Classicism' (Gent 1995) may be due to an unconscious recognition that this is, for us, what has become classic, combined with a reluctance finally to relinquish the fundamentality of ancient Greece and Rome to oar culture.
Better that he had accepted the fundamentality of evangelization, which would have positioned him to justly identify where the mis-sionaries' evangeliz-ation did and did not succeed, not to say, was or was not true.
1) Given the complexity and fundamentality of the concept of authority, no brief definition will do.
Ordering Supervaluationism, Counterpart Theory, and Ersatz Fundamentality, ERIC SWANSON
But it is not necessarily an argument informed by downstream preemption, since as we have just seen, the applicability of the fundamentality rationale is likely to be far more sparse for compositions than for processes.
Standing on the intellectual shoulders of previous scholars, Azibo (2001) acknowledges that it is from "Joseph Baldwin, Wade Nobles, Gerald Jackson, and Na'im Akbar, that I learned and gleaned the fundamentality of the African Worldview to authentic African scholarship and pedagogy" (p.
Reva Siegel finds that "[t]he fundamentality of the anticlassification principle .