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Synonyms for fundamentalistic

of or relating to or tending toward fundamentalism

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In all of these perceptions of sikAIDS, an often inadequate understanding of biomedical ways of HIV/AIDS transmission, morality--combined with more or less fundamentalistic Christian explanatory models--and certain selectively chosen traditional concepts of kastom, are conflated.
What Gibson offers us instead is a fundamentalistic and superficial version of the death of Jesus, in which he harmonises parallel accounts and selects from different and contradictory versions in the canonical Gospels as he sees fit, supplements them with episodes that derive from medieval piety and the visions of an early-nineteenth-century German nun, adds his own fantasies to make them more sadistic, and then presents the concoction to us as the historical truth which he arrived at--so he claims--with the assistance of the Holy Ghost.
Whedon and on to the literalists of the late nineteenth century (both fundamentalistic and scientistic), but paralleled by a more "feminine" Jesus-centered religion (a-Augustinian rather than anti-Augustinian) that might begin with Stowe herself and then move on to Henry Boynton Smith, the later Nathan Bangs, Frances Willard, soft fundamentalists like A.
Americans' growing interest in the Apocalypse forms part of a worldwide phenomenon, said Sachs, with conservative, literalistic, fundamentalistic movements in religion taking place in vast areas of the world today.
Yet, it is the classical judicial virtues, not a fundamentalistic approach to original intent, on which the Court's continued legitimacy may rest.
Thus Caplovitz and Sherrow [1977] noted that: "The college experience, particularly at the better colleges, stimulates free inquiry, encourages the questioning of dogma, and undermines the force of tradition and authority, all of which combine to shake fundamentalistic religious belief.
He denies, for example, that modern science and historical criticism has even refuted "the most fundamentalistic orthodoxy.
Scholars examine movements of Islamic fundamentalism in five different locales in South Asia and the Middle and Far Easts, along with fundamentalistic strains in Hinduism, the Sikh religious tradition, and Buddhism in Sri Lanka and Thailand.
For example, the Shi'a in Iran are considered a fundamentalistic form of the Muslim faith.
Catholic biblical studies have also been instrumental in protecting Roman Catholics from the fundamentalistic approaches evident in some other denominations.
Having been raised in my younger years a Protestant charismatic, bordering on fundamentalism, I have been chagrined at this fundamentalistic bent in various areas of the Catholic church today.