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of or relating to or tending toward fundamentalism

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Some might argue that pentecostal and charismatic Christianity (1) presumes a fundamentalistic biblicism that has so far resulted in an underdeveloped hermeneutics and theological method that is literalistic about what they presume to be the scriptural worldview so as to collapse the world of the text and the world in front of the text in a sometimes naive sense.
Compared to these fundamentalistic versions, Yupno Lutheran Christianity is, so far, 'moderate', pragmatic and certainly more tolerant.
He disputes the rationale that allowing unmediated theological influence of politics amid pluralism is fundamentalistic or invites (dangers of) sacralized politics or theocratic claims.
While the authors are not fundamentalistic in their approach, there is a recurring attitude that new developments are questionable due to their newness.
According to the data from Sorenson and Hales, secular faculty who suspect religiously affiliated programs to be a breeding ground for the Religious Right may be extrapolating from the Christian students enrolled in their own secular programs, who are more conservative and more fundamentalistic than are the graduates of integrative programs.
Whedon and on to the literalists of the late nineteenth century (both fundamentalistic and scientistic), but paralleled by a more "feminine" Jesus-centered religion (a-Augustinian rather than anti-Augustinian) that might begin with Stowe herself and then move on to Henry Boynton Smith, the later Nathan Bangs, Frances Willard, soft fundamentalists like A.
Such differences have been modeled by neoliberalism, as well as the latter ideology has modeled Zeigeist, a composition of intimatisc, individualistic values of fundamentalistic logic.
This hopeful and practical approach is viewed as an alternative to fundamentalistic absolutism or postmodern relativism.
Americans' growing interest in the Apocalypse forms part of a worldwide phenomenon, said Sachs, with conservative, literalistic, fundamentalistic movements in religion taking place in vast areas of the world today.
Yet, it is the classical judicial virtues, not a fundamentalistic approach to original intent, on which the Court's continued legitimacy may rest.
His visions on politics had its foundations on dialog, search for know ledge reluctant to any totalitarism or fundamentalistic thesis.
More, who had worked with Isaac Newton for years on deciphering the symbols and the p rophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation, broke with Newton around 1680, apparently because of the conflict between More's liberal, vague, and less definite interpretation of the Scriptures and Newton's more fundamentalistic readings.
Thus Caplovitz and Sherrow [1977] noted that: "The college experience, particularly at the better colleges, stimulates free inquiry, encourages the questioning of dogma, and undermines the force of tradition and authority, all of which combine to shake fundamentalistic religious belief.
The idea that all counterclaims can be denied with a simple and endlessly generalizable response - "That's just what you think" - has a fundamentalistic attractiveness to it.
Barnes grew up in a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, household ruled by a fundamentalistic religiosity - ascetic in her father's case, dogmatically submissive in her mother's.