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the interpretation of every word in the sacred texts as literal truth

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I consider the #PashtunLongMarch a response to those remarks and a wake-up call against fundamentalism.
Fundamentalism takes its root in Hindutva ideology.
Azmi was replying to a tweet when she said: "I'm [against] all fundamentalism.
This report attempts to meet the needs expressed by a majority of women's rights activists: more information on the phenomenon of religious fundamentalism and a deeper understanding of their construct of religion.
One of the dangers posed by fundamentalism is the promotion of restrictive laws under the guise of protecting the "natural family.
In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in religious fundamentalism because of its many implications for historical events and socio-political issues, such as social integration and identity in multireligious societies (Herriot, 2007).
This is the consensus that's emerging in society and it can be used as the base on which the fight against fundamentalism can be fashioned.
The idea that fear is a central component of religious fundamentalism has been posited by many authors.
Christian Fundamentalism in America: A Cultural History.
Other people especially from conservative or disadvantaged groups regardless of their religious backgrounds felt threatened by it to the extent that led them to resort to religious fundamentalism.
Fundamentalism, in a religious guise, is both widespread and problematic.
Religious fundamentalism in the Middle East; a cross-national, inter-faith, and inter-ethnic analysis.
Doy-an said it would be a mistake not to view religious fundamentalism as a threat today, adding that the fight against religious fundamentalism was the main topic in the meetings of the West Study Group (BEcG), an alleged clandestine organization within the Turkish military, during the Feb.
Irrespective of their geopolitical aspects, individual states and institutions have made efforts to address them; nevertheless, poverty, unemployment, pollution, environmental degradation, fundamentalism and other threats around the globe are surging substantially.