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law determining the fundamental political principles of a government

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Even after these operations have been imposed by social life, duality remains the fundamental law of beings.
1) from the fundamental law it is shown to whom may belong the initiative of the revision (of the President at the proposal of the Government, the deputies or the senators- at least one quarter of their number, as well as at the proposal of the citizens having the right to vote if they are at least 500.
The Commission for the Study of the Reform of the Fundamental Law will meet for ten days in Annobon.
Passing through the vicissitudes of time, the judiciary learnt its lesson, the hard way indeed, and came to the conclusion that as a creation of the Constitution and mandated to preserve, protect and defend this fundamental law and having the authority to explain and interpret its provisions, it will always stand by the Constitution.
An advisory panel to Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori agreed at a meeting Tuesday that it will state clearly whether it supports revising the 1947 Fundamental Law of Education in its final report to be submitted Dec.
Frightful new attractions are popping up across the country this summer, luring youngsters on high-speed joy rides and flouting the fundamental law of the land.
These educational reforms follow Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's revision of the Fundamental Law of Education to incorporate ''patriotism,'' in the first such overhaul in half a century.
They cover the general will, social contract theories, democratic rights, fundamental law, natural and natural rights, affinities between Rousseau's and Dworkin's legal theories, the use of narrative, bioethics, and promise enforcement.
Anytime you've broken through a fundamental law of physics, it's certainly very interesting, El-Kady says.
Lilienfeld reviewed the main procedures and stages of penning the Fundamental Law, pointing out, in this regard, to the drafting process planning, choice of the commissions' composition, consensus around the nature of the hoped-for regime and civil society's participation method.
With revisions to the Fundamental Law of Education completed in the previous Diet session, he will tackle a review of the so-called cram-free education system, and revisions to education-related laws to restructure the public education system.
The Constitution is the fundamental law of the nation and establishes the broad structure of our government and our basic rights.
On Friday, the Diet passed two milestone bills--one to revise the Fundamental Law of Education for the first time in 59 years, and the other to upgrade the Defense Agency to ministry status.
The Plaintiffs are enormously gratified that the Court enjoined the MPAA conspiracy to restrain a legitimate form of competition and enforced the fundamental law of the United States, embodied in the Sherman Act, in favor of free and open competition.
As council chairman, Torii will exercise wide influence over pending discussions of reforming Japan's Fundamental Law of Education and in advising the education minister on educational policy.
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