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law determining the fundamental political principles of a government

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However, following complaints lodged by MPs from the Conservative wing of the Bavarian CSU and the radical left-wing party Die Linke, the matter was referred to the Constitutional Court, which was asked to verify the treaty's compliance with fundamental law.
Jiro Nemoto, former chairman of the Japan Federation of Employers Associations, who served as chairman of the Central Education Council until last month, has made known his objection to any hasty revision of the fundamental law.
Among these peoples the fundamental law of creation is twinship.
I'm open to Cha-Cha because our Constitution is not perfect but I think the current limitations of the fundamental law can be addressed through legislation,' Villanueva said in a separate social media post.
At the 98th plenary session of the Venice Commission, he added the new fundamental law, promulgated last January, guarantees fundamental liberties and institutes for the first time a Constitutional Court, according to the NCA presidency spokesman.
This is perhaps the reason for the diversity in the manner of conceptualizing self-government at local level in the fundamental law in each country.
In a letter sent to Prime Minister Viktor OrbEin today, President Barroso, while noting Prime Minister OrbEin's reassurances on Hungary's and the Hungarian government's willingness and commitment to fully respect European Union values and law, confirms that, based on a first legal analysis, the Commission has serious concerns over the compatibility of the Fourth Amendment to the Hungarian Fundamental Law with EU legislation and with the principle of the rule of law.
Passing through the vicissitudes of time, the judiciary learnt its lesson, the hard way indeed, and came to the conclusion that as a creation of the Constitution and mandated to preserve, protect and defend this fundamental law and having the authority to explain and interpret its provisions, it will always stand by the Constitution.
The Constitutional Court judged, on 26 November, that the text complies with the country's fundamental law, opening the way to its ratification in the parliament.
A contentious bill to revise the Fundamental Law of Education passed a special Lower House committee on Wednesday evening.
They cover the general will, social contract theories, democratic rights, fundamental law, natural and natural rights, affinities between Rousseau's and Dworkin's legal theories, the use of narrative, bioethics, and promise enforcement.
Frightful new attractions are popping up across the country this summer, luring youngsters on high-speed joy rides and flouting the fundamental law of the land.
After all, those asking are the ones who should decide on how things should shape up, especially that what we are planning to change is the fundamental law of the land.
Thus, in Hungary the fundamental law prescribes the possibility to allocate "compulsory responsibilities and competences for local governments" observing the proportionality of budgetary interventions in order to achieve their objectives (Constitution of Hungary, Article 34.
Officials are public servants whose decorous profile prints confidence before the administrated, exhibiting helpful character, faithful interpreters of the Fundamental Law, the Civil Servants Act of the State, the Law of the Legal Regime, among other no less important ", underlined the Prime Minister.
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