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(physics) the transfer of energy between elementary particles or between an elementary particle and a field or between fields

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Understanding the fundamental interactions of nature is certainly one among the most challenging topics of the modern physics; a unified theory able to account for the fundamental forces is a dream of the physicists since a long time [1, 2].
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers built a rice grain-sized microwave laser, or 'maser,' powered by single electrons that demonstrates the fundamental interactions between light and moving electrons.
By focusing on supporting the patient-physician relationship, which is the fundamental interaction in health care, our programs have been shown to improve adherence to recognized, evidence-based standards of care, improve member health status and improve both member and physician satisfaction with the care experience.
Healthways has always understood that the fundamental interaction in health care is the one between patient and physician.
Description: Major efforts have been made by the European Union to increase the fundamental interaction between research, education and innovation, as key driver of a knowledge-based society.
The Patent consist of several combinations of particle design, based on the fundamental interaction and transport of particles through various environments using sophisticated techniques to unravel the transport and biological processes taking place at the nano level.
23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- OneMarketData, LLC announce the availability of the OneTick Market Surveillance Service, a hosted solution created by OneMarketData in partnership with Fundamental Interactions, Inc.
While these initial cascades rely on the motion of a molecule, Eigler envisions that it should be possible to make nanometer-scale cascades using other fundamental interactions, such as electron spin.
Objective: The principal thrust of this project is to study the non-perturbative nature of fundamental interactions at zero and finite temperature and chemical potential, mainly focused on Quantum Chromodynamics, but also Higgs physics and condensed matter systems.
Contributors from various physical sciences outline the use of lasers in making both materials and devices for photonics, and review the fundamental interactions between lasers and materials that underlie the applications.
Prof 't Hooft, from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, received the physics prize in 1999 for revealing the quantum structure of electroweak interactions - a mathematical construction which describes two of the four fundamental interactions in nature.
Boyarkin (no credentials given) provides a textbook on the fundamental interactions of elementary particles for physics students.
Hardy, Symmetries and Fundamental Interactions in Nuclei, E.
Our goal is to try to understand the fundamental interactions between fluid mechanics and chemistry in turbulent combustion," says Jacqueline H.
The deliverables of the project are: i) To understand the fundamental interactions between plasmonics and fluorescent molecules and through the gained physical insight to derive a set of design rules for metallic nanoparticles tailored to LSC applications, ii) to develop a generic simulation platform that combines nanoscale and macroscale modeling, to allow for rapid prototype performance assessment before proceeding to expensive fabrication, iii) to fabricate highly efficient prototype plasmonic-LSCs and, iv) to explore completely new research avenues that can bring about radical improvements to LSC efficiency.
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