fundamental frequency

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the lowest tone of a harmonic series

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21) Damborenea Tajada et al also reported a lower fundamental frequency for the sustained vowel /a/ in nondysphonic smokers, along with an increase in cycle-to-cycle variation in frequency (jitter).
For the same building height, the 'frame' modelling has the lowestfundamental frequency, followed by the 'frame + masonry wall' modelling, while the 'frame + shear wall' modelling has the highest fundamental frequency.
Informant EA has much lower fundamental frequency ([F.
To select D, it is required that the fundamental frequency of the comb filter matches the fundamental frequency of the PPG signal.
i) The number of partials is decided based on the fundamental frequency and the audible range of normal human being.
The AFF descriptor represents the fundamental frequency of a sound.
The FIN12 and FIN24 devices can reduce EMI by 30 to 40 dB at the fundamental frequency as well as reduce troublesome harmonics to less than -100 dBm.
In addition, Gaskins received the Wasserman Scholarship for her study, ``A Study of the Speaking Fundamental Frequency Characteristics and Perceived Characteristics of Black and White Women.
i] is the frequency component (integer multiples of the fundamental frequency [[omega].
For a one-port network with a single-tone excitation at the fundamental frequency, we can extract a reflection coefficient given by
65 kilojoule fundamental frequency beam (76% conversion efficiency).
Adaptive active filtering (AAF): Also known as "receiver equalization with filtering," AAF is a closed-loop method of improving received signal quality by amplifying the fundamental frequency of the signal in the receiver while filtering noise and other undesirable components.
The particular bell section amplifies and transmits the sound waves to produce the desired fundamental frequency of between 50 and 350Hz.
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