fundamental frequency

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the lowest tone of a harmonic series

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The component associated with the fundamental frequency (the first harmonic) is labeled as [H.
At present, analysis on the fundamental frequency of pre-stressed concrete beams mostly considers the pre-stress in the beam as the external force of beams.
In FTP process, the orthogonal ellipse filter is used to get fundamental frequency and phase is extracted by Eq.
the modal analysis give mode shapes and fundamental frequency for bridge responses.
This section presents a discussion of the speakers' fundamental frequency mean values.
Because the fundamental frequency is 85 kHz, almost all harmonics appeared in the frequency bands under 10 MHz.
One path provides anti-aliasing and determines the fundamental frequency, and the other accounts for all the signal information.
Voice spectrum in voice analysis consists of a series of sine waves and lowest of these harmonics (First harmonic) is known as fundamental frequency (F0).
Moreover, the predicted power at the fundamental frequency is in good agreement with that measured.
Mathematical definitions of all these are given in table considering f1 is the fundamental frequency.
The fundamental frequency of joists and girders became a focus in Dolan et al.
In comparison with the control group, both the fundamental frequency and habitual pitch were significantly lower in cigar smokers (p value = 0.
Therefore, there is the need to identify the fundamental frequency and the intensity, the energy spectrum, LPC (Linear Predicting Code), the formants, signal-to-noise ratio (S/N), the signal spectrogram, time percentage of the presence of the voice inside the recording and the gender, required in the analysis of the behavior of the voice, which give the proper characteristics of each speaker.
We say that approximating the fundamental frequency is enough to reconstruct a periodic behavior.
The Synthesis function allows users to create periodic harmonic voltage waveforms of up to 40 orders based on a 50/60 Hz fundamental frequency.
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