fund-raising campaign

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a campaign to raise money for some cause

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Shaikh Mohammad lauded the contributions of the private sector and civil society institutions to the fund-raising campaign and other initiatives that have a great impact on the Kuwaiti society.
The fund-raising campaign was the brainchild of Philippe Caretti, Marco Polo Hotel's vice president for operations.
The 4-match T20 series was also a part of Chief Minister Punjab's Fund-Raising campaign," he explained.
He said the 12-member Governing Council agreed to secure permission from both the Philippines and UAE government authorities to conduct a large-scale fund-raising campaign, which would enlist the presidents of the 99 Filipino organisations under the umbrella of FilCom.
Bahrain has taken practical steps in answering this distress call, and Alba as a Bahraini company, is proud to be associated with the Information Affairs Authority's fund-raising campaign to help in speeding up relief efforts.
OSU is the last of the Pac 10 universities to open a comprehensive fund-raising campaign.
A new "vote Christian" fund-raising campaign by the Rev.
Big Tea Parties are being held across the UK at more than 280 of Home-Start's schemes as part of the charity's first national fund-raising campaign.
The fund-raising campaign will formally begin in July and is expected to run five years.
I am delighted that CVS is partnering with the hospital for our first annual Thanks & Giving fund-raising campaign," commented Thomas.
Next Spring, the Foundation will undertake a historic fund-raising campaign to implement architects Michael Arad and Peter Walker design for the Memorial, Reflecting Absence.
In mid-2002, Freedom Village decided to take the next step and started the Paws for Independence fund-raising campaign.
The six-week fund-raising campaign pits 13 northwest Arkansas business and community leaders in a competition for the opportunity to kiss a live pig on Feb.
Marion North, who had been the director of Laban since 1972 and largely responsible for the success, expansion, and development of the school as well as the fund-raising campaign for the new building, retired September 1.
Honor Our Post, Assure Our Future" is being supported by a fund-raising campaign designed to mobilize financial support from corporations, foundations, ACA members, and those interested in the camp experience.
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