fund-raising campaign

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a campaign to raise money for some cause

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We are now securing approval of the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila for the Consulate to authorise us to conduct a wide-scale fund-raising campaign for the victims.
Alba's donation was in response to the fund-raising campaign initiated by Bahrain's Information Affairs Authority.
All the political leadership of Punjab and district administrations really deserved full marks for their role in the highly successful fund-raising campaign," he added.
Hakataza Theater in Fukuoka, southwestern Japan, began a fund-raising campaign Wednesday accompanying its staging of the musical ''42nd Street'' to help victims of the terrorist attacks in the United States.
In mid-2002, Freedom Village decided to take the next step and started the Paws for Independence fund-raising campaign.
Next Spring, the Foundation will undertake a historic fund-raising campaign to implement architects Michael Arad and Peter Walker design for the Memorial, Reflecting Absence.
The fund-raising campaign will formally begin in July and is expected to run five years.
If his figures are correct, your story about a new fund-raising campaign proves his point (Church charities need boost, March).
A new "vote Christian" fund-raising campaign by the Rev.
ANNE Williams's Hillsborough fund-raising campaign has been helped by Liverpool FC supporters.
The strategic plan that the fund-raising campaign is designed to support calls for such things as increasing the number of grants and contracts awarded to OSU faculty, improving the student retention rate and climbing higher in national rankings of academic prominence.
We thank Kroger and its family of stores for their continuous support of our holiday fund-raising campaign.
Japanese supporters of the fund-raising campaign said they hope the project would contribute toward reconciliation and friendship between the two countries.
When Illinois launched a $15 million library fund-raising campaign in 1994, the goal was to make Illinois the most accessible research library in the nation, thus restoring and maintaining its leadership position among research libraries.
For example, before it launches a fund-raising campaign, Princeton conducts an alumni-screening effort in different regions of the country.
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