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someone who solicits financial contributions

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a social function that is held for the purpose of raising money

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We wanted to show our sympathy and support," said Victoria Olsa of the community liaison office, which organized the fund-raiser.
Our fund-raisers weren't doing as well as they used to,'' Flotron said.
According to a Charity Commission inquiry, the fund-raiser kept 75 per cent of the proceeds as commission, then deducted his costs from the remaining 25 per cent.
Due to the increased use of vehicle donation programs, GAO was asked to describe (1) the vehicle donation process, (2) the amount of proceeds received by charities and fund-raisers, (3) donor tax deductions, and (4) taxpayer cautions and guidance.
Orr, who has taken on the unofficial role of adviser to the growing number of pledge drives, says he receives E-mails daily asking for advice on how to pull off a fund-raiser.
When Dennis Garrett went to a Democratic Party fund-raiser last year, the Baltimore businessman came away with something other than a lighter wallet.
Steps hopes to make its fund-raiser an annual event, says Paumgarten.
The company said it believed the holiday fund-raiser was a way to strengthen ties with the community, work with other area businesses and organizations, and contribute to a cause that does not usually receive the corporate support that toy and food drives attract during the holiday season.
New York Public Library's Literary Lions Fund-Raiser, Submitted by David E.
But, he said, he hoped that the fund-raiser and others like it will ultimately make Republicans more sympathetic to those issues.
If a coach can take control during a game, he can certainly take control during a fund-raiser," he says.
Empress Ginger XIV, in San Francisco, July 29, A dedicated fund-raiser for gay and AIDS causes, Harrison was 78,
Lee Rowe, the father of a CF child, was the top individual fund-raiser, bringing in a total of $7,000.
Built by legendary bike builder Dave Perewitz in collaboration with fund-raiser co-sponsors PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) automotive refinish and Ray Evernham of NASCAR's Evernham Motorsports, the Charity Chopper is one of the more unique and worthwhile motorsports items ever to be auctioned on eBay Motors, matching the chopper's ultimate style, power and performance with a great cause in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
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