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Synonyms for functioning

the way in which a machine or other thing performs or functions

in action or full operation

Synonyms for functioning

process or manner of functioning or operating

performing or able to perform its regular function

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Future work should look for combinations of work and personal experiences that bode particularly well or ill for overall functioning, the Harvard scientist maintains.
A new long-term study, based on a large sample of British civil servants, examines more closely the circumstances that may undermine physical, mental, and social functioning.
Over a 5-year period, employees of both sexes who felt that their on-the-Job efforts had failed to generate appropriate career advancement or promotions exhibited the poorest overall functioning, contend epidemiologist Stephen A.
Mintz, Mintz, Hwang, and Uijtdehaage (1997) reviewed the relationship between antipsychotic medications and vocational functioning in five randomized double-blind clinical drug trials, concluding that traditional antipsychotics do not negatively impact vocational functioning.
The most important finding, however, was that the group receiving both antipsychotic medications and sociotherapy had the best long-term outcomes, including better instrumental role functioning (that is, working in competitive jobs and in homemaker roles).
AVINZA had a positive effect on physical functioning in osteoarthritis patients who completed up to 30 weeks of treatment, and was statistically superior to MS Contin on some occasions," said Dr.
Physical functioning was measured using two methods, the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) and the SF-36 Physical Functioning Summary Score.
In the area of sensory functioning the Bender provided a correlation coefficient with acculturation approaching zero.
No significant relationships were found between motor functioning and level of acculturation in any of these areas.
Freeman & Zabriskie 2003; Hill, Freeman, & Huff 2001; Smith, Taylor, Hill, & Zabriskie 2004; Zabriskie & McCormick 2001) have reported a significant relationship between family leisure involvement and family cohesion, adaptability, and overall family functioning from a system's perspective.
Core and Balance Model of Family Leisure Functioning
Many individuals who fulfil all the tests for whole brain death do not have permanent cessation of functioning of the entire brain.
A study specifically on cognitive performance states that no clinically significant deficits or abnormalities were found in cognitive functioning for patients with CFS (Wearden & Appleby, 1997).
One study claims that patients with CFS appear to be the most disadvantaged in relation to areas of social and role functioning (Schweitzer et al.