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Synonyms for functioning

the way in which a machine or other thing performs or functions

in action or full operation

Synonyms for functioning

process or manner of functioning or operating

performing or able to perform its regular function

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Core and Balance Model of Family Leisure Functioning
The core and balance model of family leisure functioning holds that, "Varying patterns of family leisure involvement contribute to family functioning in different ways" (Freeman & Zabriskie 2003, p.
Many individuals who fulfil all the tests for whole brain death do not have permanent cessation of functioning of the entire brain.
A study specifically on cognitive performance states that no clinically significant deficits or abnormalities were found in cognitive functioning for patients with CFS (Wearden & Appleby, 1997).
One study claims that patients with CFS appear to be the most disadvantaged in relation to areas of social and role functioning (Schweitzer et al.
Most studies of psychological and physical functioning have treated the number of social relationships as a crucial influence, but they have rarely assessed the quality of intimate relationships.
Instead, men who displayed lower overall functioning tended to have few friends and other social contacts away from work.
Some preliminary research suggests that cognitive deficits in schizophrenia interfere with vocational functioning (Collaborative Working Group on Clinical Trial Evaluations, 1998; Green, 1996; Jaeger & Douglas, 1992; Lysaker, Bell, & Beam-Goulet, 1995; Meltzer & McGurk, 1999).
Unfortunately, anticholinergic medications have their own side effects, such as impairment in cognitive functioning, sedation, blurred vision, and dry mouth (Spohn & Strauss, 1989).
Additionally, performance on the PMT has been shown to be significantly correlated with intellectual functioning on the Wechsler scale and PPVT