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Synonyms for functionary

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For, he felt, with some natural indignation, that that functionary might otherwise suspect him of having closed his eyes, or wandered in his attention.
This functionary, being, of course, well used to such scenes; looking upon all kinds of robbery, from petty larceny up to housebreaking or ventures on the highway, as matters in the regular course of business; and regarding the perpetrators in the light of so many customers coming to be served at the wholesale and retail shop of criminal law where he stood behind the counter; received Mr Brass's statement of facts with about as much interest and surprise, as an undertaker might evince if required to listen to a circumstantial account of the last illness of a person whom he was called in to wait upon professionally; and took Kit into custody with a decent indifference.
On the other hand, the BJP functionary also claimed that the issue of illegal Bangladeshi migrants into the state would be a burning issue in the coming electoral battle.
Coming from a responsible state functionary, Prime Minister Narendra Modis irresponsible remarks in Bangladesh taking pride in Indias role in the breakup of Pakistan were most unbecoming, unfortunate and unwarranted to say the least, he said in a statement issued here by PPP Media Office.
ISLAMABAD -- Taking away powers from NHA and transferring them to a high profile functionary of Punjab government for purchase of land for LahoreKarachi Motorway has raised question on the transparency of this mega plan.
Gogoi has submitted the list of probable names last month," said a senior functionary of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee.
Former SDSM functionary Kire Naumov concludes that if Crvenkovski loses these elections, this will be an end to his political career.
Kutev's father, Konstantin Kutev, was a longtime BSP functionary.
Dismissals of deputy ministers and ministers are not ruled out either," the BDI functionary explains.
Nova Makedonija has learned that the abovementioned functionary is former interior minister and former presidential candidate Ljubomir Frckoski.
Wang made the remark in response to calls from Lawmaker Ho Tsai-feng of the ruling Kuomintang, who noted that after the 3% hike, every public functionary will see their monthly pay increase by NT$2,230 on average.
According to Taleski, the latest example with the purchase of building land by a present functionary shows how the politics is understood and practiced as personal business.
Reportedly, a team of the health functionary administered polio drops in Hajweri Town, a thickly populated vicinity of the city belonging to the working class.
The film tracks Wilson's progress from aspiring poet to completely paranoid functionary from his days at Yale, where he becomes a member of that secretive Skull and Bones club that's given us, among other ruling elites, both President Bushes.
It'll be some government functionary who suspects you of manufacturing meth or corresponding with Osama bin Laden.