functionally illiterate

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having reading and writing skills insufficient for ordinary practical needs

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Rotarian Steven Anderson said: "More than five million adults in the UK are functionally illiterate.
Byron Pitts was diagnosed as functionally illiterate at age 12 and stuttered until he was 20.
When the coal barons came here in the late 1800s, early 1900s, they bought up mineral rights from people because the people were functionally illiterate.
Black, obese, poor, functionally illiterate, abused, pregnant, despised, and drowning in an ocean of pain, 16-year-old Clarisse "Precious" Jones (played by Gabourey Sidibe) is beautiful, as is the startling film director Lee Daniels and writer Geoffrey Fletcher have fashioned about her.
Over the last ten years I have regularly used my local paper as 'educational entertainment', with keen upper juniors, with functionally illiterate adults and with KS3 students at risk of exclusion.
A person was considered functionally illiterate if the educational level was grade five or less.
About 40 percent of students are functionally illiterate when they enter the system, and at least one-third have learning and other disabilities that may have been previously undiagnosed.
Washington, September 2 (ANI): A team of mathematicians and scientists has rejected claims that the Indus Valley people were functionally illiterate, by employing computer modeling to prove that the Harappan script communicated language.
I think our medical profession is functionally illiterate when it comes to nutrition.
In this age of sound bites and a population where many are functionally illiterate - the majority of Americans read half a book a year - I suppose that giving an answer too lengthy to fit in a fortune cookie is somehow insulting to an audience that demands portion control for their ideas, if not their burgers: Don't supersize me on the implications, dude
Ellis saw up close the large numbers of men and women who are mentally ill, drug-addicted, functionally illiterate and with no skills other than the ability to endure.
Children with functionally illiterate parents are twice as likely as their peers to be functionally illiterate.
Consequently, most rural women over 50 years of age are functionally illiterate.
Five million adults are now functionally illiterate.
What first attracted you, Mr and Mrs American public, to the short, cross-eyed, former coke-sniffing alcoholic simian-swagger and functionally illiterate semi-imbecile George W Bush?